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Identity and access management (IAM) is now recognised as a capability that providers of Internet of Things (IoT) services need to address if they are to offer secure services. After all, finds George Malim, if you can’t control access to a device or service, you can’t secure it. The recent spate of cyberattacks and malware have heightened organisations’ awareness of the need for security in IoT and good work is now being done in encryption and rolling out standard IT security ...


IoT Now and IoTNowTransport.com are pleased to announce that, in addition to his position as founder and chief executive of Internet of Things (IoT) analysts, Berg Insight, Johan Fagerberg has taken up a newly-created, part-time post as Consulting Editor of IoTNowTransport.com.
Launched in 2017, IoT Now Transport is the first sub-brand from IoT Now to focus on a single industry vertical. It follows the success of numerous Insight Reports that IoT Now has published on transport, telematics...


While there are many different applications that make up the Retail vertical market for IoT, ATM, Kiosk, Unattended Retail and Digital Signage solutions oftentimes get lumped together because their needs are quite similar. Wireless operation on cellular networks enables 24x7 uptime, faster transaction speeds, and complete mobility. Instead of spending days or weeks waiting for telephone companies to activate phone lines with associated activation fees, you can literally install wireless modems w...


Sigfox and its Latin American division, WND has teamed up with IotNet Mexico to roll out its network technology across the country. The IoT connectivity provider expects full coverage in Mexico City by the end of 2016 and nationwide service to be available shortly afterwards....

DigiCert, a global leader in scalable authentication and encryption solutions, unveiled DigiCert Auto-Provisioning, powered by Device Authority, this past weekend at the DigiCert Security Summit....


HCL Technologies on Monday launched an incubation centre at its Redmond office, in partnership with Microsoft to build new solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. IoT is getting widely adopted across sectors where enterprises and government agencies are using it to monitor electricity meters, industrial machinery, leakages in oil pipelines and even in improving the efficiency of electrical grids....


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