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KMC Controls is an independent American manufacturer of building automation and IoT solutions for system integrators, system distributors, IT providers and OEM partners. For nearly 50 years, KMC has been helping facilities achieve higher levels of energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality by automating and controlling building systems.


Samsung is adding turnkey internet of things service plans to its cloud-based open data exchange platform. The company said device manufacturers and service providers will be able to use its Artik IoT monetization platform to generate revenue directly from the interactions of devices and services. The service is meant to reduce go-to-market costs for IoT device manufacturers, who are often on the hook for data costs associated with their products. Samsung said that by providing a brokering, mete...


Amazon has added another notch to its investment bedpost and quietly snapped up communications technology firm 2lemetry. We say quietly. This means that the deal is not being promoted, and that means that we do not know what money has changed hands and which people might change business cards and postcodes.  We do know what firm it is and what area it operates in. The name is a clue, obviously inspired by 'telemetry' which refers to a means of taking data from disparate resources. 2...

ORBCOMM Inc. (Nasdaq:ORBC), a global provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, today announced that it has enhanced its cold chain compliance solution for the European refrigerated transportation market. In addition to industry-leading temperature recorders, sensors and the ColdChainView web application, ORBCOMM’s comprehensive solution now includes connectivity services from some of the largest providers of terrestrial services in Europe as well as a new...

We’re more than just a wireless network operator–that’s the central message of a new Verizon campaign called “Humanability” that highlights a wide range of internet of things (IoT) initiatives. “At Verizon, we have one mission: to give people the ability to do more in this world,” Lowell McAdam, chairman, and CEO, said. “We’re asking big questions like, ‘what if we could improve air quality and the flow of traffic simultaneously through...


Juniper Networks and Telefónica are joining hands to develop the latter’s vision of a self-driving network. The network will be the next iteration of Telefónica's Fusión Network – a platform built to drive digital transformation for its customers across Spain wherein Juniper will be a key partner. The project will help develop and implement new tools and processes in order to improve the quality of services, which are being offered to Telefónica custom...


Palo Alto, Calif.-based Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) released a new iteration of its Internet of Things (IoT) platform that should improve connectivity and management of connected devices....


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