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3 steps to IoT monetization

February 06, 2020 / ISRAEL MOR

Service providers are in a difficult spot – industry digitalization is coming at full force and brings with it new opportunities to expand into new areas beyond connectivity only.  The sooner operators define their roles in the 5G IoT landscape, the better chance they will have to maximize market share. A special challenge will be to address the unique complexities of different target industries. According to Ericsson´s report 5G for business: a 2030 market compass addressing these opportunities could enable service providers to unlock additional revenue streams of up to 35 percent, on top of the current scope of business by 2030. Service providers will address the opportunities that 5G provides across industries in different ways, or roles – Network Developer, Service Enabler or Service Creator. There are multi-layer relationships between CSPs, partners, solution provider and end-users that vary per role, and the different positionings add a different complexity level in managing all stakeholders. This all means different challenges for the BSS to support the underlying IoT use cases enabled by those roles.