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The rollout of 5G later this year will set the table for the next round of technology innovation. One area of technology that will benefit significantly from 5G cellular connectivity is the internet of things (IoT). “5G is a fundamental platform to support the internet of things,” says Toby Redshaw, senior vice president of technology strategy and innovation at Verizon. “It is specifically designed for 1,000 times more density and 10 times improved battery life. That, combined with the intelligent edge and the other 5G currencies, will create a flywheel of acceleration for IoT impact.” This is a widely held expectation. “Connectivity is important to IoT devices,” notes Taher Behbehani, senior vice president of B2B enterprise mobility at Samsung Electronics America. “5G’s strengths are based on a combination of high speeds, low latency and high density. This will enhance business applications like high-resolution video, remote machine control and environmental sensors, which will work together to improve IoT-driven experiences.” PETER KOWALKE READ MORE