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AI and IoT projects optimize industries inside and out

March 11, 2020 / KRISTEN GLOSS

When people think of AI, it's easy to jump to the many possible uses seen in movies -- such as accessing secret areas with biometric data or robots completing human jobs -- but applying AI realistically requires architects and administrators to understand just how flexible AI is in a business setting. Tech leaders have rapidly increased the number of AI and IoT projects in many areas of their businesses, including customer experience, data analysis and security. When organizations apply AI into these different aspects, they can more effectively process the IoT data they create and further improve their operations and products. Popular movies have made customer experience AI one of the better-known examples of AI. Ads may not be as flashy as the personally tailored ones using customer biometrics as seen in The Minority Report, but it's easy to see how organizations will get there from the online ads that use AI to give consumers offers specific to their interests. Businesses use AI that learns from data analytics on customer behavior throughout the IoT customer journey.