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An education is the single most powerful tool we have at our disposal. By educating more people in a better manner, we can drive greater positive social and technological change, and, therefore, create a more prosperous future. It’s important that we constantly strive to enhance education in terms of quality and access. And if we ought to increase quality and access to education, how can the Internet of Things—or IoT—be of help? How Can We Improve Education? Methods designed to enhance the educational experience often seek to augment the quality of education or access to it, but fewer dramatically impact both simultaneously. Let’s look at some examples, considering the United States’ educational framework:  Teachers: Hiring more teachers may increase access to education, but it will likely lead to a decrease in quality. Rapid hiring both is both detrimental to the quality of instruction and is not scalable as school districts have limited access to funding and administrative personnel. HAYDEN COHEN READ MORE