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Arm’s Latest IoT Connectivity Platform Features Automation

August 02, 2019

While the term Internet of Things may have been coined in roughly 1999, momentum around the subject didn’t begin to build until the early 2010s. In those years, a growing number of industry analysts began to sense its potential to drive economic growth. What was mostly missing in that time frame, however, was a clear plan for how to manage the scores of devices. Enter IoT connectivity management, which, over time, has become a more automated affair. The latest company to accentuate automation to help organizations scale IoT deployment is Arm, which recently debuted Pelion Connectivity Management 2.0.Arm’s IoT pitch accentuated scale in the past. They’ve projected that 1 trillion Internet of Things devices will be online by 2035. “If you ignore those large numbers and think about this whole IoT value chain starting from the devices, you have to manage the devices and manage the data that comes from them,” Himagiri Mukkamala, general manager and senior vice president, IoT cloud services at Arm told IoT World Today in October 2018. Having unveiled its Arm Pelion operating system a year ago, the latest Pelion connectivity management offerings draw on functionality from the IoT-X platform from Stream Technologies, which Arm acquired last June. Founded in 2000, Stream Technologies is a connectivity management technology.