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Automotive Cyber Security: A Crash Course on Protecting Cars Against Hackers

March 26, 2020

Modern cars have dozens of computers on board, and they’re not just for running GPS or playing music. Computers monitor and control nearly every system on your vehicle, including steering, brakes, and the engine itself. This is why automotive cyber security is essential.
If a vehicle’s computer systems aren’t properly protected, hackers can steal data or even take control of the vehicle. As you can imagine, that makes automotive cyber security a major concern for consumers, auto companies, and OEMs alike. But what is there to know about automotive cyber security? We’ll explore what cybersecurity in the automotive industry entails and what the biggest threats are to automotive IoT and connected vehicles. We’ll also share some insights from a recent webinar by Sectigo and Mentor Graphics on how to protect connected vehicles from emerging cybersecurity threats.