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Automotive Sales: Improving the Customer Experience Using IoT

April 07, 2020 / LEVEREGE

Customer touchpoints throughout the automotive sales cycle are prime candidates for IoT innovation. Across the board, the data derived from these IoT applications have the capability to provide insights and actionable outcomes which can significantly improve the customer experience. When a customer arrives at a dealership, it may be difficult for the dealer to know if they have what the customer is looking for. For instance, a customer might be coming in to see a particular vehicle, test-drive a car they’ve already seen, or to casually browse their options. Without any data behavior on the customer beforehand, sales personnel or the dealership may not be properly equipped to handle the customer’s request. Perhaps a requested car is no longer on the main show floor for immediate display but instead buried somewhere in a backlot. Maybe another car that was requested for a test drive may not yet be properly serviced for operation. These are only a few of the challenges associated with automotive sales that IoT is capable of helping to improve.