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The GSMA said China is the world’s largest IoT market with some 960 million devices connected via cellular networks, accounting for 64 percent of global cellular connections.“Backed by the government, China is now at the forefront of the development and deployment of IoT solutions based on mobile IoT technology,” said Alex Sinclair, chief technology officer of GSMA.China is realizing the value of the IoT and transforming the society through the deployment of smart home, smart industry and smart city solutions. Some Chinese companies have showcased a wide variety of different examples of large-scale deployment of IoT at the just-concluded Mobile World Congress 2019 in Shanghai.Sunsea AIoT has partnered China Telecom to install over 500,000 NarrowBand-IoT sensors in the Jing’an District in Shanghai, turning the area into a truly smart community. The devices are used to monitor from manhole covers, gas and smoke detectors to other environmental monitors. CHINA DESK READ MORE