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t's that time of year again to look into the crystal ball and imagine how the industrial IoT (IIoT) market will change in 2019. Our inspiration this year comes from the usual mix of sources, including our work on the frontlines with our industrial customers, our collaborations with tier one partners like Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the stable of bright minds that make up the Bsquare team. But unlike some of our past forecasting, many of our predictions this year have been heavily shaped by a new type of customers who know exactly what they want. Today's IoT leaders are becoming increasingly confident in what they need to succeed. Whether that's through their own experience or their peers, they're eliminating unnecessary steps, and the wasted time and budget that usually comes along with them, to get to where they want to go much faster. This means big changes are ahead from providers, from what they offer and where, to how they offer it. DAVE MCCARTHY READ MORE