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How Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) Power the Internet of Things (IoT)?

July 25, 2019 / REBECCA REYNOSO

Everyone wants a part of the IoT sphere, and many people don’t even realize the smart devices they’re using fall under the category. IoT, or the Internet of Things, is comprised of hardware that functions thanks to the existence of the internet.Where some high technology is strictly software-based, IoT is hardware-based devices and objects that use the internet, electricity, and components of computer science technologies like artificial intelligence, sensor networks, and machine learning to function. The average person uses IoT multiple times a day without even knowing it. Think of this scenario:You wake up in the morning and greet your voice speaker. You use your smartphone to adjust the temperature on your thermostat. You make sure your security system is up and running before leaving the house. While at work, you check on your pets via a camera-equipped portion control feeder.