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By 2020, Enterprise IOT is predicted to contribute $14.2 trillion to the global economy. Powerful technologies, streamlined processes, skilled people and advanced analytics connect across a global network. Sensors collect huge amounts of data from a diverse range of connected equipment, from airplanes to zero-emission cars. IOT is transforming industries from manufacturing to healthcare, financial services to utilities. The shipping industry, too, is surging ahead with IOT adoption, demonstrating maturity in embracing the enormous potential of IOT. Consumer demand and the march of the ecommerce giants are just two of the reasons for a relatively-early adoption of IOT in shipping. As parcel volume surges, organizations manage this with innovative technologies. Every second, 2300 parcels are shipped in the world’s key global markets. In 2020, global parcel shipping volume is forecasted to surpass 100 billion parcels. Ecommerce is a major instigator behind this exponential rise in volume; in fact, 94 per cent of consumers globally are shopping online. N/A READ MORE