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How IoT powers digital transformation

July 22, 2019

One of the defining characteristics of the digital economy is the emphasis on creating customer experience through compelling memorable touchpoints and encounters, with a view towards monetizing the engagements.The good news is that consumers are already showing the path of least resistance through social media and smart devices. But not everyone will find the path to the customer’s wallet that easy. In fact, rising customer expectations are moving the tipping of return on customer experience. The solution may come in different sizes, shapes and formats but share a common persona.Forrester says customer expectations for high-quality touches are expanding beyond the mobile and web realms. “Internet-of-things (IoT) technology offers new capabilities to sense and control physical products and real-world experiences. So, CIOs and customer experience (CX) pros need each other's help to weave relevant context and control available from IoT sources into customer journeys,” said the analyst.