. https://devops.com/how-iot-security-risks-derailing-robotics-before-it-goes-mainstream/
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Driven by advances in technologies such as artificial intelligence and deep learning, the mobile robots market is projected to grow to $54.1 billion by 2023 from $18.7 billion last year, according to Markets and Markets. But for robotics to progress, security for the internet of things (IoT) needs to be addressed fast, before the reputation of the entire industry suffers a permanent setback. Every industry segment has a journey to maturity that involves ramping up how seriously it takes security. For robotics, that time has come. Failing to start robotics projects on the right software foundations will see confidence continue to drop, impeding the rate at which new solutions are created.The future of robotics rests firmly on the shoulders of the IoT. Robots act as one part of intelligent ecosystems—they depend on IoT to link various sensors and smart meters, and pass data to and from third parties. TOM CANNING READ MORE