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How risk management can help secure industrial IoT and big data

July 23, 2019 / MARY SHACKLETT

In 2018, Tesla cars were found to be vulnerable to wireless key fob breaches, and the Medtronic CareLink 2090, a medical device for monitoring and controlling pacemaker settings, was attacked and infected by malware. Both are examples of Internet of Things (IoT) getting compromised, exposing companies and users to physical and virtual harm."There are three major vectors of attack when it comes to big data," said Joe Scotto, chief marketing officer for Indegy, which provides industrial cybersecurity solutions. "The first is an outside rogue attack, like blowing up a pipeline. This can have devastating effects on the economy. The second is insider threats, such as an employee inadvertently doing something wrong that triggers a security breach, like using a laptop outside of a firewall and the laptop getting infected. The third is an employee knowingly doing something wrong to sabotage the company because he or she missed out on a promotion or is unhappy.