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Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an ever-increasing role in our daily lives. Through the wealth of apps available to us on smartphones and other devices, AI shows us the fastest route while driving, helps us find the lowest gas prices on the same trip, and can even point out attractions we might like along the way. Data-backed fitness devices give us important stats on our activity level and help fine-tune our daily routine for optimal health benefits. With the rise of smart cities, AI will be an even bigger part of our lives. It can even help solve one of the trickier dilemmas most urbanites who drive face on a daily basis: where to park. Combining human innovation and advanced technology, smart parking is a strategy that smart cities can use to increase parking efficiency and combat numerous issues. Smart parking will reduce fuel use because the driver won’t be circling streets looking for a place to park because they’ll have an identified space. Drivers will also save money and time with denser, easier parking. GUEST WRITER READ MORE