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IoT holds immense potential to add value to human life, but it must overcome the following challenges before its potential can be fully realized. Storage: Internet of Things generates massive amounts of data which presents organizations with a challenge in terms of storage and management of this voluminous data. To handle ever-increasing volumes of data traffic, there will be a massive need for bandwidth. IDC expects workload demands from Internet of Things to increase 750% by 2019! Therefore, organizations will need to adopt edge-based data processing. Infrastructure: Another big obstacle on the road to Internet of Things is the infrastructure. To build an Internet of Things infrastructure that is efficient, reliable, scalable, and secure, enormous investments and planning effort is required. To make matters even more challenging, every use case requires a tailor-made Internet of Things infrastructure. Since no single standard technology can suffice, the choice of technology varies according to the specific IoT use case. DQINDIA ONLINE READ MORE