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Having already connected the vast majority of the world’s citizens with a wireless cellular connection, the telecom industry is naturally one of the largest potential players in the IoT market. As a matter of fact, a surface level definition of IoT (connecting devices to each other and the internet) already has players such as AT&T, Verizon and Vodafone dominating IoT since the advent of Dial-Up Internet, which was first offered commercially by Sprint in July 1992. Since then, while many device to device connections have flowed through them, that infrastructural play has not been enough to satiate telecom companies. In 2015, Tata Consultancy Services found that, out of 13 sectors, telecom ranked fourth when it came to spending on IoT technology. In 2015, companies surveyed spent an average of $110.7 million on IoT per company and expected their budget to substantially increase to $169.5 million by 2018 (a 69.5 percent increase over 3 years). So where’s this money being spent? MARC BIELAS READ MORE