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Is 5G Ready For IoT?


5G is finally here. This year, we’ve seen the first 5G networks going live for consumers in the US, UK and South Korea. It’s the first generation of cellular network technology designed with IoT applications in mind and will make a big difference in the medium to long-term. But, for anyone planning an IoT project right now, what are 5G’s benefits – and is it truly a viable option? It’s worth noting that some of the big advantages of 5G for consumer applications – the higher connection speeds and greater capacity – aren’t of much relevance for IoT, which typically uses a large number of devices, each sending a small amount of data. The extra capacity could theoretically be a boon to IoT because it allows for a much greater density of devices within a region, but in truth, it’s very rare to find a use case today where the density is too high for existing networks.