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Make Room For Public Clouds In Your Industrial IoT Strategy

March 01, 2020 / PAUL MILLER

Not too long ago, executives from manufacturing and related industries would not consider running their internet of things (IoT) initiatives from a cloud. Now? It’s hard to find one who doesn’t enthusiastically embrace some role for the public cloud. Makers of industrial IoT (IIoT) software platforms have undergone a similar change of heart, pivoting from making grand plans for multibillion-dollar global data center rollouts to wholeheartedly partnering with one or more of the hyperscale public clouds. So far, so simple: Public cloud is definitely now part of the industrial IoT story. But there are a multitude of ways to use a public cloud, from just installing your own software there to fully integrating with all of the cloud, development, and IoT services that the hyperscale public cloud platforms increasingly offer. I explore this range of options in my latest report, “Hyperscale Public Clouds Power Your Industrial IoT Future,” and shall be discussing the issues in a client webinar on March 31.