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OT/IoT Security Superheroes: Tackling the Remote Employee Challenge

April 14, 2020 / CHRIS GROVE

Organizations around the world are coping with a variety of challenges related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Many companies are struggling to convert their processes from ‘in-office’ to ‘remotely accessible’. And, they’re scrambling to find new ways to “remote” tasks – with “remote” now becoming a verb. For example, we’ve heard from many customers that adding or expanding remote employee access capabilities is a hot topic. One such customer told us that they went from 9% of their workforce working remotely, to 52%. Wow!  That’s not only a substantial change to operations and processes – it also directly impacts the company’s security posture. The challenge facing OT security practitioners is daunting. We absolutely must secure the people and systems responsible for saving mankind from an alien super-virus pandemic. But, while the bad guys are lobbing attacks from afar, the good guys are acting behind the scenes like NPCs (non-player characters). They’re bypassing the security systems we developed through years of hard work, like using Gmail or Zoom, or turning off anti-virus, in the name of getting things done.