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Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates Will Help You Reduce Risk and Win Customers for Life

September 04, 2019 / DORNERWORKS

It’s easy to forget just how connected our lives have become until that connection is broken. Most people carry their phones in a pocket all day long. They’re rarely out of reach, even when we sleep. But, imagine the cost of having to call a technician to your home to update that device or risk your data being exposed by a critical vulnerability. It’s a frustrating thought, yet this is the disruption that companies without a software update and sustainment plan in place could be causing their customers. Technology is accelerating upwards in capability while getting smaller. The shiny new Linux kernel installed on a time-critical industrial controller today will be outdated each quarter, other platforms are being patched and updated even more frequently. Meanwhile, products that stay the same may never leverage the new potential those updates hold. Worse yet, they may not even be compatible with newer systems without some intensive augmentation.