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Re-Emerging Mirai-Like Botnets Are Threatening IoT Security in 2019


Without a single shadow of a doubt, the reemergence of the notorious Mirai botnet in the IoT infrastructure presents some grave challenges for security developers as well as forces us to reflect on the state of security of IoT in 2019.While such unethical malware attacks are now widely regarded as the online version of real-life crimes and the cybercriminals as the counterparts of their real-life partners, the scope and target of these types of attacks makes them either noticeable or unnoticeable.In the case of Mirai botnet, the 2016-founded malware program has been continuously successful in grabbing the attention of the IoT world and the enterprise IoT sector which makes it a huge concern for IT firms. So, with a recurrence of Mirai malware attacks in IoT infrastructure, where does the state of security in IoT stand now?