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Serving up secure IoT with network slicing security

September 04, 2019 / NICKLAS BEIJAR

Our societies now rely on connected devices to an ever-increasing extent. Known more commonly as the Internet of Things (IoT), these connected devices – often with limited protection, easy physical access, and sometimes even insufficient updates – are becoming an increasingly attractive target for attackers. As a key enabler of IoT, network slicing is a feature of 5G which allows a wide range of different needs to be served on a single physical network. Each slice can be optimized for a specific use case. IoT use cases range from environmental monitoring to industrial automation. Each scenario comes with its own needs in terms of networking, scalability and security. These challenges range from a need to manage massive number of devices, deliver the coverage and also conserve energy. Other challenges, such as with industrial control and automotive control, require very reliable and low latency communications.