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Continuing on from my previous post about the “blood” of our smart cities in “Data and Identity in the Smart City,” I want to look further into the way data is used in these smarter living spaces. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a manufacturing success story of the modern era. These devices are used for both consumer and commercial reasons. This dual usage model means that IoT devices are part of the critical infrastructure of the smart city, almost like a smart superstructure. IoT devices act like the beating heart of the city, pumping the blood (data) around. But, IoT devices can also generate data. For example, the health apps market is expected to grow at an astonishing CAGR of over 44% to 2025 (Grand View Research). This is an important area of the application of IoT technology as it can play a crucial part in the optimization of continuously stretched healthcare services. SUSAN MORROW READ MORE