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Smart Farming: The Future Stands At Agriculture Sector’s Door

August 29, 2019 / PRAGATI PATHROTKAR

The outgrown global population and about-to-extinct humble bee species demand a smarter way to produce food. Amidst this scarcity and potential colonial collapse, Internet of Things (IoT) guarantees enhanced future of agriculture. Supporting IoT in farming, an Irish startup is working on improving the bee population with the help of sensors that monitor the growth of the insects. It is nothing new that farmers are adamant for retaining their traditional practices, irrespective of the current planetary conditions. They still believe that the methods are safe and are capable enough to result in better yield. However, with every passing day, the atmosphere is changing at a pace that cannot be stopped. Moreover, the convention of farming has plenty of waste in agriculture. The farmers are hence being educated with the advantage they can avail with technologies. As a result, IoT has emerged as a prime technology that can support the farmers and has the potential to become the next big thing for the agriculture industry.