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Supply chain startup combines IoT sensors, AI, and process automation to track shipments from dock to destination

November 06, 2019 / VERONICA COMBS

On any given day, the World Food Programme has 5,000 trucks, 20 ships, and 92 planes on the move, delivering food and other assistance in 80 countries. Roambee wants to improve the supply chain at the WFP to help the nonprofit feed even more people.The nonprofit's supply chain operation is as big as the ones run by pharmaceutical companies and other large corporations. WFP has 16,000 employees, serves 91 million people, and works with a $6 billion operating budget. If you improve the supply chain even by 1%, you can feed more people," said Santosh Takoor, vice president and managing director for Europe at Roambee. "We want to increase the predictability of the supply chain and create a heat map of bottlenecks in the supply chain.