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Swarm Bot Series Part One: Here’s What Bees are Teaching Us About the Future of the IoT

December 10, 2019 / BENJAMIN SHEPARDSON

In one of the opening scenes of a Black Mirror episode, a tiny bee drone pollinates a daisy, which basks in the bright glow of a sunny day. In a TV series known for its exploration of a dark and dystopian future, the scene is rare. It portrays a tech-enabled future where robotics are used to enhance lives, not harm them. But later on, that bee is joined by thousands more bees in a coordinated attack on a woman. It’s clear that the bees are working together as a single force, using real-time data to achieve a common goal. This episode stands out among others because it covers a type of technology that’s largely unknown and unexplored by most mass media channels. It points to repercussions of a technology that most people have never heard of, but which is set to change everything we know about the Internet of Things.