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In 2018 when Apple unveiled its iconic iPhone X with a feature to unlock the phone with Face ID thereby eliminating the use of the home button, it met a lot of eye-rolls. Fast forward to now, people are in love with the biometrics enabled technologies. While iPhone X had a unimodal authentication system, gadget these days have updated themselves in a better way. Let’s try to have a better understanding of the Biometrics. Biometrics are a way to measure a person’s physical characteristics to verify their identity. It can be physiological traits, like fingerprints and eyes, or behavioral traits, that define the manner an individual respond to stimuli. These characteristics are unique to the person. Once collected the data compared with the pre-existing database to find a match. Accordingly, it then produces an outcome. There are many varieties in which this data is collected. Facial and voice recognition, iris and finger scanner, signature verification, hand geometry, keystroke, gait detectors are some of the examples. PREETIPADMA READ MORE