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If your car needs data, it is not looking for it in the data center. If your windmill needs data, it is not coming from the cloud. In both cases, and in all cases, when we look at the Internet of Things (IoT), the data is generated locally and is to be used locally, at the device. In addition, the decisions that are made based on the data, need to be done fast. Not only in the case of cars (“is that a child there on the road”), but also because our companies and our consumers are asking for quicker answers and reactions; drive by the increasingly digital and 24/7-around-the-world economy. This latency, the time needed to get the information from the data center, is driving a new 3-tier architecture in IoT. With the sensor, the data generation, at one end, the Edge-device in the middle and the data center, physically or in the cloud, at the other end. This Edge-device can exist in 3 types; a simple device that collects data from multiple sensors, a more complex device capable of running simple applications and a third variant that resembles a mini-data center that is capable of more compute and storage power. For sake of simplicity we can call them a Monitor, a Gateway and an Edge server. PAUL ALBADA JELGERSMA READ MORE