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The IoT opportunity right outside your door

July 15, 2019 / EVAN CUMMACK

The ‘Internet of Things’ is mainstream. ‘Alexa, dim the lights’ has exactly one meaning and requires no explanation. Bizarre, perhaps, but undeniably futuristic. The smart home war is in full swing and Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung are vying to become the ‘operating system of the home’, demanding control of our thermostats and microwave ovens.It makes sense. The smart home opportunity is enormous. More importantly, it’s sufficiently homogeneous to imagine a ‘winner take all’ global platform. For Alexa and friends, dimming the lights in a Sydney apartment is not materially different to dimming the lights in a Malibu mansion. And with all that delicious consumer data to slurp up, I can see why the tech titans are hot and bothered.