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The Most Promising Areas You Should Focus on as a Home Automation Company

September 26, 2019 / DANA KOZUBSKA

The perfect time for smart home automation companies has come. According to Statista survey, IoT devices for smart homes will enter 53.9 percent of US households by 2023. Which means a 20 percent growth from now. What are these upcoming changes in smart home automation and where should you go as a startup? Let’s explore the key areas to consider. The graphic above shows that smart home gadgets, security systems and IoT control devices will bring in the most revenue in the coming years. As consumers are becoming busier and more stressed, they require more convenient and time-saving methods to manage their home lives. Simple and helpful IoT devices will remain in high demand in the near future. Thus, if you are seeking an area to hit with your new ideas, we recommend paying attention to one of those. Let’s explore them in more detail as well as other sectors with high IoT development potential.