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The role of BSS in the journey to 5G monetization

March 24, 2020 / ANDRÉ GUALDA

The rollout of commercial 5G services is well underway. This evolution is unlocking exciting new opportunities, but it also presents new challenges. To capture new 5G revenue streams, service providers must transform their existing business support systems (BSS), and develop clear roadmaps to guide this transformation. In the latest MIT Insights report, telecom executives share their vision for 5G-enabled BSS, and how they are preparing for it. Here, we explore some of the highlights. The benefits of 5G are well-documented. Low-latency connectivity and superior broadband speeds will open doors to fully automated factories and put driverless vehicles on our roads. Service providers will be able to provide cutting-edge solutions and superior consumer experiences. However, monetizing a 5G-fuelled IoT society requires a clear strategic roadmap – particularly when it comes to BSS. As 5G matures, BSS will play an increasingly important role in establishing the service provider’s position in the value chain – and having a clear BSS evolution plan is crucial.