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Despite being considered a game changer, Internet of Things (IoT) is fraught with serious security issues IoT is growing at a break-neck pace and the major reasons behind this growth include always-on 24/7 connectivity, connected computing, sensors embedded on everything one can think of, location-based consumer information, supply chain analytics, predictive intelligence, and the rise of the millennials. It is expected that Internet of Things will have far-reaching implications in reshaping the future of the society. So much so, that IDC predicts that “the rate at which IoT is growing, it will soon become as indispensable as the internet itself.” Good News and Bad News Internet of Things-enabled smart devices have sensors embedded in them, which allow them to communicate amongst themselves and with humans. In doing so, these devices generate large amounts of data. Considering that, Gartner has predicted the number of IoT devices to reach 21 billion by 2020; the volumes of data generated by these devices will be humongous. Leveraging advanced technologies, such as big data analytics, this data is analyzed to improve business operations, governance, and sustainable development. DATAQUEST READ MORE