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November 01, 2019

Considering the speed at which IoT has made its place in our lives, would we move past home connected home appliances and home assistance? IoT trends are rapidly surfacing, here are the top 10 latest predictions for IoT that are going to rule in 2020. Due to the widespread adoption of IoT, the number of connected devices is increasing. This leads the network to expand, the data to increase, and places more information at risk. The increased use of IoT is going to be teamed up by improved IoT security. Home security and patient health are at risk as the majority of the data are secured in the cloud that calls for increased focus on IoT security. The coming year is going to see an improved IoT security system. And this need arises from the complexities of the diverse nature of IoT technology. The number of IoT devices has crossed 26 billion and is expected to increase. Hacking of IoT networks and devices is going to become common in the future, so we are going to see measures implemented for its control.