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Tracking the Internet of Things for the Australian IT community

November 06, 2019 / STUART CORNER

Netherlands based nanosatellite operator Hiber has started commercial trials of what it claims is the world’s first satellite IoT network. Hiber will introduce two networks, Hiberband Direct (a modem + antenna that talks directly to Hiber’s satellites) and a gateway solution, Hiberband Via, which can operate on LoRaWAN, Bluetooth or WiFi. In September 2018 it announced a partnership with Actility to provide connectivity via LoRaWAN. Hiber launched its first two satellites from sites in India and California in November and December 2018. It will be launching its third and fourth satellites from India in Q1 2020. Hiber says its first customers will be trialling the service over the coming months with projects based in the 90 percent of the world that has previously lacked a network.