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A dairy barn without any people working in it. An automated greenhouse for produce. Coming soon, little robots that will weed crop fields and look for diseased plants. This is Rivendale Farms, in the countryside west of Pittsburgh, which is 175 acres serving as a beta site for agricultural Internet of Things technology. The small farm has about 150 Jersey cows, each of which wear collars to track their activities. The cows are enticed to the dairy barn an average of four times a day with a special feed, and cows that aren’t ready for milking are detected with computer vision, then kept from feeding. Robots milk the cows, and their udders are automatically cleaned with iodine and steam after each milking. The owner and proprietor of this farm is not Old MacDonald, but Thomas Tull, a high-tech billionaire, a trustee of Carnegie Mellon University, and a former film producer. He aims to have Rivendale become self-sustaining by 2020. JEFF DORSCH READ MORE