. https://www.iotaustralia.org.au/2019/01/14/iotblog/what-to-expect-in-iot-in-2019/
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AT&T’s president of IoT Solutions, sets out AT&T’s view on IoT trends and developments we can expect to see in 2019. The first mainstream self-driving ‘things’ likely won’t be cars Tractors and farm equipment, heavy machinery for things like mining, drones, and robots will lead the first wave of automation. While self-driving cars may eventually be a staple on the roadways, that reality is still many years away. These other machines will provide an early proving ground and will pave the way for mass automation in the future. Cities will use gamification to encourage citizen engagement Smart Cities will use network technology in new ways to engage citizens, such as gamification. City residents will get points for things like paying their water bill on time, recycling, reporting potholes and for taking public transit instead of driving. Those points will be redeemable for discounts on services or VIP access to events in the city. CHRIS PENROSE READ MORE