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Why MQTT Is Essential for Building Connected Cars

August 29, 2019 / GUEST WRITER

The automotive industry is embracing the idea of inventing the truly connected car. They see the opportunity and benefits of leveraging telemetry data gathered from vehicles to create new revenue opportunities and build more robust customer experiences. However, successfully launching a connected car service that can scale to support millions of cars across vast distances and in a whole range of environmental conditions can present some serious challenges. For most connected car services, bi-directional communication between the car and the cloud is a requirement, even though some edge processing can make connected cars more independent of the cloud. Connect vehicles send telemetry data to the cloud and enable applications like predictive maintenance, assisted driving, emergency response, etc. Similarly, the vehicle needs to be able to receive messages from the cloud to respond to remote commands like remote door locking and unlocking, remote activation of horn or lights, changing traffic environments, etc.