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WiFi for Enterprise IoT: Why You Shouldn’t Use It

April 09, 2020 / LEVEREGE

So you’re building an IoT solution and you’re ready to select your connectivity approach. Should you use Bluetooth? WiFi? LoRa? Cellular? Satellite? As I’ve explored in a previous post, the connectivity approach you choose ultimately comes down to the specific needs of your use case. Some use cases favor mobility and bandwidth, and power consumption doesn’t matter as much. Other use cases favor extensive battery life and broad coverage, and bandwidth doesn’t matter as much. In this post, I argue that for Enterprise IoT solutions, you shouldn’t use WiFi regardless of the use case. To build and implement a successful IoT solution, your connectivity needs to be reliable and consistent. When there’s an issue that needs troubleshooting, knowing that certain components of your IoT solution are reliable and consistent enables you to narrow your focus and address issues more effectively. There are many challenges in IoT, many of which stem from operational challenges and from having thousands of devices out in the real world where they’re subject to harsh, ever-changing environments.