Actiontec Electronics

Actiontec Electronics brings expertise and innovation to broadband solutions that let people around the world connect to their favorite content, when and how they choose. Our products including whole home wireless solutions, wireless video and display devices, gigabit Ethernet fiber routers, and high speed VDSL gateways - are carried globally by some of the largest broadband carriers, retail and online stores. The connected home is evolving fast, with increasing demands for speed, applications, and content. More devices in the home or office require network connectivity than ever before. We’re committed to helping our customers rise to the occasion and turn these needs into a reality. We’re developing products that not only push faster speeds to the home, but within the home as well. Our whole-home solutions give consumers countless wired and wireless options for connecting their home theater devices, gaming consoles, computers, tablets, mobile devices, and more. And with uncompromised quality, we’re making sure consumers can watch television and HD video just about anywhere in the home.