After Two Decades, The Connectivity Standards Alliance Continues to Deliver Open, Global IoT Standards, Enabling Connected Devices Everywhere

Connectivity Standards Alliance | July 11, 2022 | Read time : 2:50 min

Connectivity Standards Alliance
The Connectivity Standards Alliance, an organization consisting of hundreds of companies that create, maintain, and deliver open global standards for the Internet of Things (IoT), today celebrates 20 years of innovation and collaboration – driving the next generation of home and commercial network connectivity forward.

"The secret to success for our members has been creating the right environment where companies, both large and small, can work side-by-side with an equal voice and energy to address the barriers to interoperability and growth in the IoT," said Tobin Richardson, President, and CEO of the Alliance. "What began as cutting edge work to create Zigbee, our reliable mesh networking standard, has expanded to include our latest IoT standard Matter. This is joined by industry leading efforts in Data Model development, Access Control, and creating strong Product Security. The Alliance's growth and reach reflects a holistic approach to solving the challenges of an ever-evolving IoT."

As a global standards organization, our key measures of success are adoption, certification, and the use of the standards created. In 2021, our membership grew by 38%, with members evenly distributed across the Americas, EMEA, and China/Asia Pacific regions. Year-to-date in 2022, another 60 companies have chosen to participate in Alliance work and adopt Alliance standards. In-market use shows there are currently more than 4,500 products and platforms that have been certified by the Alliance, with millions of Zigbee-capable devices in the market today. This positive trajectory will continue with Zigbee and with Matter, where according to ABI Research, within five years more than half of the world's key smart home devices will ship supporting Matter*.

"Alliance standards have been invaluable to the growth of smart homes and buildings, enabling reliable mesh networking and low-power solutions, with Zigbee Green Power, to reduce customers' and consumers' carbon footprint. Now, we are driving what's next in IP-based interoperability and IoT security, Over 20 years, we've had a positive environmental impact on our planet. Our impact has now even traveled beyond the bounds of earth's gravity with NASA using Zigbee technology for communication between the Mars rover and its companion drone."

Bruno Vulcano, Head of R&D at Legrand and Chair of the Alliance Board of Directors

Looking ahead at the next two decades, the Alliance will continue its mission to simplify and harmonize the IoT by creating standards and brands of trust for the industry and consumers alike. This fall, the Alliance is slated to formally introduce its latest standard, Matter, a common language and IP-based protocol for the IoT. Products incorporating the Matter standard will feature a unique logo, signifying interoperability with certified Matter products from any manufacturer.

About the Connectivity Standards Alliance
The Connectivity Standards Alliance, formerly the Zigbee Alliance, is the foundation and future of the Internet of Things (IoT). Established in 2002, its wide-ranging global membership collaborates to create and evolve universal open standards for the products transforming the way we live, work and play. With its Members' deep and diverse expertise, robust certification programs, and a full suite of open IoT solutions the Alliance is leading the movement toward a more intuitive, imaginative, and useful world.


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SparkFun & Silicon Labs Release IoT Development Board

SparkFun | March 03, 2023

On March 02, 2023, SparkFun Electronics® and Silicon Labs® announced the launch of the Thing Plus Matter MGM240P Board, a development board that enables interoperability between various product ecosystems and communication protocols. SparkFun contributes to the Connectivity Standard Alliance-led momentum behind Matter with this board. The board incorporates Silicon Labs' MGM240P wireless module. The MGM240P employs ARM's Cortex M33 processor and offers secure connectivity for both 802.15.4 (OpenThread® and Zigbee®) and Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.3 protocols. It is also designed to integrate seamlessly with the Matter IoT protocol using Silicon Labs' Simplicity Studio IDE. As a unit of SparkFun's Thing Plus ecosystem, the board enables access to the Qwiic® rapid prototyping ecosystem. It includes multiple GPIO pins, a LiPo battery charger and connector, and a microSD card slot for any external memory requirements. CEO of Sparkfun, Glenn Samala, shared, "We are pleased to support the Matter movement, which envisions a future where products are compatible and there is consistent operation between smart home devices and IoT platforms, even from different providers." He added, "This is a game-changer in terms of improving our daily interactions with the devices we have come to rely upon." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About SparkFun SparkFun, a Colorado-based company founded in 2003 by a CU student, is committed to making electronics and supporting documentation accessible to everyone. With over 2,000 open-source components, widgets, and online tutorials, SparkFun offers a range of resources designed to foster electronics literacy and creativity. Their vision is to help people solve problems, create products, and get creative using technology, and the company is dedicated to assisting individuals in advancing innovation.

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UEI Announces Its Smart Thermostat Platform is now Matter and Zigbee Compatible

Universal Electronics | February 07, 2023

On February 6, 2023, Universal Electronics Inc., a leader in wireless universal control solutions for smart home devices, announced that the UEI Smart Thermostat Platform is compatible with Matter and Zigbee at the AHR (Air-conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration) Expo in Atlanta. In addition, the company is showcasing the enhanced capabilities of its next-gen connected thermostat platform, with three marketed variations: UEI TIDE Touch, UEI TIDE Dial, and UEI TIDE Bridge. The UEI Comfort platform is designed for HVAC OEMs, home automation and hospitality solution providers. It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and Zigbee to enable local and cloud connectivity. Created with UEI’s QuickSet® Widget, it works with QuickSet® Cloud and UEI’s Virtual Agent for easy installation, management, and support of advanced climate control systems. The support from the white-label my Nevo mobile app simplifies system installation and support and provides remote management and automation on mobile devices and computers. Later this quarter, Matter will enable the thermostat to discover and interact with third-party Matter sensors and devices and connect to non-Matter sensors. This allows complete integration of the thermostat with smart home systems. The UEI TIDE Dial, the first platform variant, will launch in Q1 2023 and offers a full-color screen display and jog dial for easy navigation of advanced thermostat functions. The UEI TIDE Touch, with a full-size touchscreen color display, will launch later in 2023. Both products are supported by a local rule engine for easy automation and control. The UEI TIDE Bridge lets you remotely install the system interface and wirelessly control the thermostat from anywhere. This makes the system accessible and provides precise temperature control. About Universal Electronics Universal Electronics Arizona-based , Inc. is an innovator in wireless universal control solutions that plans, develops, manufactures, ships, and supports control and sensor technology solutions for home entertainment and smart home devices. UEI partners with numerous Fortune 500 clients, including Vivint Smart Home, Sony, Samsung, LG, Comcast, and Daikin, to serve video, telecommunications, and security service providers, as well as manufacturers of smart homes, televisions, and HVAC systems. Over 35 years, UEI has pioneered ground-breaking technologies like voice control and QuickSet cloud, the leading platform for automated device setup and control worldwide.

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Identiv Expands Partnership with STMicroelectronics to Boost NFC Solutions

Identiv | February 15, 2023

Identiv, Inc., a leader in digital security and identification in the Internet of Things (IoT), has recently announced that it expanded its partnership with STMicroelectronics to offer new near-field communication (NFC) inlays for wine and spirits, healthcare, luxury goods, medical devices, pharmaceutical, apparel, consumer packaged goods, and smart packaging applications for any industry. NFC technology has evolved to a level where people rely on NFC-equipped smartphones and wearables to navigate the world daily. Identiv now provides specialist NFC and high frequency (HF) designs with ST's cost-effective ST25TN Type 2 NFC chips, bolstering Identiv's standing as a global leader in RFID/NFC technology. The ST25TN conforms with ISO/IEC14443 Type A and NFC Forum Type 2 tag specifications, works at a fast baud rate of 106kbits/s, and incorporates the TruST25 digital signature, which guarantees tag authenticity and protects brands from counterfeiting. All ST25TN chips are Type 2 Tags and adhere to the NFC Forum's NFC-A Technology specification. The information stored on NFC tags is sent to NFC smartphones or professional NFC/RFID HF readers that work with the NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF). The ST25TN series provides tags with user memory ranging from 512 bits to 1.6 kilobytes and an automatic contextual NDEF messaging service. This Augmented NDEF technology enables tags to react with dynamically generated content following a simple "tap" from NFC-enabled mobile devices. Identiv's new bitse.io connected IoT platform enables customers to develop direct-to-consumer branded communications using its new ST25TN-enabled NFC solutions. Experiences can be designed to produce unique personalization and greater end-user engagement. About Identiv Identiv is a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) authentication and security solutions founded in 2007 and based in Fremont, California. The company validates frictionless access and operations anywhere, protects intellectual property, safeguards identities from malicious attacks, and drives IoT innovation. An elite group of partners and forward-thinking clients in a variety of vertical markets around the world rely on the company. From airports to seaports, hospitals to schools, critical infrastructure to government agencies, it safeguards the people and locations that power lives. The company’s platform consists of RFID and NFC, as well as cybersecurity and the entire continuum of physical access, video, and audio security. It protects the physical world digitally.

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