AI-enabled Edge Application Introduced by Lexmark

Lexmark | March 23, 2022

Lexmark, a worldwide technology solutions leader, announced its latest addition to its Optra IoT solutions portfolio. Lexmark Optra Edge runs AI applications closer to the point of data generation at the edge, avoiding the need to move data to the cloud, allowing businesses to gain quick AI insights to improve productivity, safety, and sustainability.

Organizations can use Optra Edge to sense, analyze, and act on real-time digital and physical data provided by IoT devices like cameras. Cost savings, better productivity, and a competitive advantage result as a consequence of this. According to IDC, spending on edge computing is expected to reach almost $274 billion by 2025.

While the convergence of 5G and IoT is creating greater demand for computing power at the edge to fuel business transformation, it is also exponentially multiplying the amount of data available. We've designed Optra Edge so our customers can run innovative AI applications on the edge while still enjoying enterprise-grade management, holistic security, open standards, and ability to leverage their existing infrastructure."

Vishal Gupta, Senior Vice President, Connected Technology and CITO of Lexmark.

Optra Edge reduces or eliminates data processing latency and speeds up AI-driven insights from IoT devices. To that end, AI and machine learning (ML) apps running on Optra Edge devices access sensory data like sight, sound, vibration, and temperature in real-time, allowing for real-time decisions without delay.

The solution uses containerized applications to secure sensitive information and keeps data local. It also employs secure-by-design measures to safeguard millions of Lexmark print devices worldwide. Manufacturers, in particular, will profit because they frequently have human or machine errors, which can result in essential parts being misplaced or out-of-spec items making it through the production line.

"Lexmark's own success in identifying real-time insights at the edge through advanced analytics and anomaly detection for our core business served as the catalyst and inspiration for Optra Edge. We can share and relate our own experiences, as we aid other organizations with their edge AI strategy," said Sudhir Mehta, Global Vice President for Optra Engineering and Product Management at Lexmark.


As they deploy 5G, telecoms operators around the world are experimenting with cloud¬native core networks, which offer greater flexibility, scalability and automation than conventional telecoms networks. This paper explores how telecoms operators could go about implementing a cloud¬native 5G core network. Most early movers are taking one of two approaches to deploy a cloud¬native 5G core:


As they deploy 5G, telecoms operators around the world are experimenting with cloud¬native core networks, which offer greater flexibility, scalability and automation than conventional telecoms networks. This paper explores how telecoms operators could go about implementing a cloud¬native 5G core network. Most early movers are taking one of two approaches to deploy a cloud¬native 5G core:

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Intelsat Enhances Deutsche Telekom IoT’s Reach with FlexEnterprise

Intelsat | March 01, 2023

On February 28, 2023, Intelsat, a leading provider of inflight connectivity operating one of the world's largest integrated satellite and terrestrial networks, announced that Deutsche Telekom IoT (DT IoT) is looking to integrate Intelsat FlexEnterprise. By integrating with FlexEnterprise, DT IoT can extend its powerful, user-friendly, cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) offering across locations regardless of fiber or cellular connectivity options. IoT services are increasingly utilized by a wide range of industries, collecting data from thousands of devices and analyzing it to help organizations improve system efficiency, reduce waste, monitor sensitive environments, and gain new insights into operations and procedures. By leveraging FlexEnterprise as a complement to cellular connectivity, DT can expand the reach and efficacy of its solution and generate better outcomes for its customers. FlexEnterprise is an enterprise-grade connectivity service that combines satellite and terrestrial networks to advance internet, cloud, and private networks. Intelsat manages the global FlexEnterprise infrastructure, removing the need for clients to maintain satellite infrastructure and expertise. DT will receive FlexEnterprise from Intelsat as a satellite-as-a-service offering, thereby reducing the time and expense required to operate new services. The Intelsat FlexEnterprise satellite platform permits mobile network operators to provide terrestrial-like services regardless of location. For instance, industrial IoT (IIoT) customers can connect devices in inaccessible places to control wind turbines on mountaintops or offshore or to assess flood risks by measuring the water levels in remote areas. Brian Jakins, Intelsat Networks General Manager, shared, "Satellite connectivity allows IoT to connect physical objects and devices from anywhere on the globe to the virtual world to enhance real-time data collection, analysis and decision making," He added, "With FlexEnterprise, DT expands the usefulness of its IoT offering, especially for widely distributed applications like renewable energy infrastructure and green IoT environmental monitoring." (Source – Business Wire) About Intelsat Intelsat is a leading provider of secure and seamless satellite-based communications, serving government, NGO and commercial customers across the globe. With one of the world's most advanced satellite fleet and connectivity infrastructures, it connects people and tools across oceans, continents and skies, enabling communication, cooperation and coexistence. With a legacy of innovation, the company is focused on addressing new challenges and disrupting the space industry while leading the digital transformation of the industry. It is based in McLean, Virginia and was founded in 1964.

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Trilliant Announces Strategic Partnership with Grupo Saesa

Trilliant | February 08, 2023

On February 7, 2023, Trilliant, a globally recognized solutions provider for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), smart cities, smart grid, and IIoT, announced a long-term strategic partnership with Grupo Saesa, Chile's largest electricity distributor. Grupo Saesa will implement Trilliant's software and RF communication platforms for smart grid, AMI, and IIoT applications, which will assist the company in enhancing the customer experience, delivering secure and dependable energy to customers, and contributing to the company's sustainability goals. Through its distributors, Compañía Eléctrica Osorno S.A., Empresa Eléctrica de Aisén S.A., Sociedad Austral de Electricidad S.A., and Empresa Eléctrica de la Frontera S.A., Groupo Saesa serves over 950,000 customers. It owns and manages over 62,000 kilometers of distribution and transmission lines throughout Chile. Trilliant's global customer base is demonstrated by its recent Smart Water Metering project in Canada, its collaboration in the UK with Manx Utilities to launch smart electricity meters across the Isle of Man, and its partnership with SAMART to install Advanced Metering Infrastructure for the Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand. Managing Director for the Americas at Trilliant, Nick Matchett, shared, "We are delighted to have this partnership in place with Grupo Saesa." He added, "There are many synergies between our two companies, including our passions for technology innovation and sustainability. In addition, Grupo Saesa's drive to deliver the highest standards and value for its customers is world class. We look forward to enhancing quality, safety and reliability for their customers through this partnership." (Source – Business Wire) About Trilliant Trilliant Headquartered in Cary (North Carolina), Trilliant equips the global energy industry with its novel device-agnostic communications platform, which enables utilities and cities to deploy any application securely and reliably on one robust network. Its purpose-built portfolio is intended to provide customers with choice, removing the risk of being "locked in" with a single technology provider or meter manufacturer. The company provides mission-critical solutions for Data & Analytics, AMI, Smart Grids, Smart Metering, and Smart Cities. With a unique combination of adaptability, dependability, and sustainability, Trilliant empowers utilities and the communities they serve worldwide.

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Ambi Robotics Introduces AmbiAccess, The On-Demand Robot Fleet Management and Business Intelligence Platform

Ambi Robotics | March 21, 2023

Ambi Robotics, the leading provider of AI-powered robotic parcel sorting systems that empower warehouse operators to handle more, today introduces AmbiAccess, a cloud-based business intelligence platform enabling customers to get even more out of their Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) investment. AmbiAccess provides advanced fleet management capabilities and real-time analytics to optimize operations and maximize efficiency so global shippers and logistics companies can gain visibility into their entire operation “We built the AmbiAccess platform with a suite of operation-enhancing applications to make our customers’ lives easier,” says Jeff Mahler, Co-founder and CTO of Ambi Robotics. “This new customer portal goes beyond data visibility, with comprehensive insights and advanced analytics that leverage historical data and trends. Now our customers can better understand the performance of their entire fleet, compare KPIs between facilities and regions, and access real-time analytics from any device.” The AmbiAccess platform simplifies managing robot fleets and enhances the overall operating experience as customers scale AI-powered robotic sorting systems across their network. With on-demand accessibility, customers gain access to data-driven business intelligence that provides greater visibility into their operations. Customers can monitor robot fleet performance in real-time, access advanced analytics reporting, review actionable insights, view the system knowledge base, and access 24/7 customer support all in one place. This includes real-time data that tracks key performance metrics, productivity, system utilization, item analysis, and proactive insights to identify potential issues before they occur. “AmbiAccess opens the doors to a more efficient and sustainable supply chain,” says Stephen McKinley, VP of Operations at Ambi Robotics. “This new platform demonstrates the impact of our AI-powered robotic sorting systems and allows our customers to gain an even greater competitive edge in the market.” AmbiAccess takes the guesswork out of managing throughput, sort plans, exception items, and operational efficiency. Customers can compare trends and key metrics across their systems, facilities, and regions. Facility managers and operations executives can view metrics from the warehouse or on the go through the cloud-based portal. About Ambi Robotics Ambi Robotics is an artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics company developing advanced solutions that scale ecommerce operations to meet demand while empowering humans to handle more. The company’s industry-leading AI operating system, AmbiOS, leverages proprietary simulation-to-reality (Sim2Real) technology to operate highly-dexterous robotic systems. Founded in 2018, the world's top roboticists, AI researchers, and leading business professionals work together to build the supply chain's most valued systems. The company is located in Berkeley, Cali

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