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AWS Announces General Availability of AWS IoT TwinMaker

AWS | April 23, 2022

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an, Inc. company (NASDAQ: AMZN), today at AWS Summit San Francisco announced the general availability of AWS IoT TwinMaker, a new service that makes it faster and easier for developers to create digital twins of real-world systems like buildings, factories, industrial equipment, and production lines. Digital twins are virtual representations of physical systems that use real-world data to mimic the structure, state, and behavior of the objects they represent and are updated with new data as conditions change. AWS IoT TwinMaker makes it easy for developers to integrate data from multiple sources like equipment sensors, video cameras, and business applications—and combines that data to create a knowledge graph that models the real-world environment. With AWS IoT TwinMaker, many more customers can use digital twins to build applications that mirror real-world systems that improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime. There are no upfront commitments or fees to use AWS IoT TwinMaker, and customers only pay for accessing the data used to build and operate digital twins

Industrial companies collect and process vast troves of data about their equipment and facilities from sources like equipment sensors, video cameras, and business applications (e.g., enterprise resource planning systems or project management systems). Many customers want to combine these data sources to create a virtual representation of their physical systems (called a digital twin) to help them simulate and optimize operational performance. But building and managing digital twins is hard even for the most technically advanced organizations. To build digital twins, customers must manually connect different types of data from diverse sources (e.g., time-series sensor data from equipment, video feeds from cameras, maintenance records from business applications, etc.). Then customers have to create a knowledge graph that provides common access to all the connected data and maps the relationships between the data sources to the physical environment. To complete the digital twin, customers have to build a 3D virtual representation of their physical systems (e.g., buildings, factories, equipment, production lines, etc.) and overlay the real-world data on to the 3D visualization—and then ensure the digital twin is kept up to date as conditions change. Once they have a virtual representation of their real-world systems with real-time data, customers can build applications for plant operators and maintenance engineers who can leverage machine learning and analytics to extract business insights about the real-time operational performance of their physical systems. Because the work required is complex, the vast majority of organizations are unable to use digital twins to improve their operations.

AWS IoT TwinMaker makes it significantly faster and easier to create digital twins of real-world systems. Using AWS IoT TwinMaker, developers can get started quickly building digital twins of devices, equipment, and processes by connecting AWS IoT TwinMaker to data sources like equipment sensors, video feeds, and business applications. AWS IoT TwinMaker contains built-in connectors for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), AWS IoT SiteWise, and Amazon Kinesis Video Streams (or customers can add their own connectors for data sources like Amazon Timestream, Snowflake, and Siemens MindSphere) to make it easy to gather data from a variety of sources. AWS IoT TwinMaker automatically creates a knowledge graph that combines and understands the relationships of the connected data sources, so it can update the digital twin with real-time information from the system being modeled. Customers can import existing 3D models (e.g., CAD and BIM files, point cloud scans, etc.), directly into AWS IoT TwinMaker to easily create 3D visualizations of the physical system and overlay the data from the knowledge graph on to the 3D visualizations to create the digital twin. Once the digital twin has been created, developers can use an AWS IoT TwinMaker plugin for Amazon Managed Grafana to create a web-based application that displays the digital twin on the devices plant operators and maintenance engineers use to monitor and inspect facilities and industrial systems. For example, developers can create a virtual representation of a metals processing plant by associating data from the plant’s equipment sensors with real-time video of the various machines in operation and the maintenance history of those machines. Developers can then set up rules to alert plant operators when anomalies in the plant’s furnace are detected (e.g., temperature threshold has been breached) and display those anomalies on a 3D representation of the plant with real-time video from the furnaces, which can help operators make quick decisions on predictive maintenance before a furnace fails.

“Sensors for equipment, buildings, and industrial processes are proliferating and generating massive amounts of data. Customers are increasingly eager to use that data to optimize their operations and processes and one way to do that is using digital twins, but they find that building a digital twin and custom applications is difficult, time consuming, and prohibitively expensive to maintain today,” said Michael MacKenzie, General Manager, IoT at AWS. “With AWS IoT TwinMaker, customers can now derive previously unavailable insights about their operations that inform real-time improvements to their buildings, factories, industrial equipment, and production lines, and make accurate predictions about system behavior with minimal effort.”

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emnify Introduces Unprecedented SIM-based Functionality with User-Adaptive eSIM Launch

businesswire | July 26, 2023

emnify, a leading provider of global cellular connectivity solutions, has announced the launch of its unique IoT eSIM platform. The emnify IoT eSIM, anchored in the eUICC architecture, is a technological first, placing previously inaccessible functionalities in the hands of users, unlocking adaptability and scalability in IoT connectivity. As an industry pioneer, emnify proudly takes the lead in deploying eSIM as the default SIM platform. This innovative move introduces new functionalities to the emnify IoT SuperNetwork. Available across all form factors, the new emnify IoT eSIM supplies customers with a flexible and reliable cellular connectivity solution. This solution is continuously optimized without the hassle of physically swapping outdated SIM cards. It can also be personalized by customers to meet the needs of specific IoT use cases, such as optimized battery consumption for remote deployments and preferred access technologies for high bandwidth scenarios. IoT devices often face challenges such as a limited lifespan due to design and power constraints, and the need to adapt to new radio access technologies. The emnify IoT eSIM tackles these issues head-on, providing a technological foundation that’s truly future proof. It enables enterprises to update tailored SIM profiles and configurations according to their specific IoT applications and device power requirements. This positions it as an optimal solution for businesses seeking greater operational capabilities beyond the industry’s conventional offerings. "The new emnify IoT eSIM is a generational technology shift, not only in leveraging previously unavailable SIM capabilities, but also in how IoT connectivity is delivered," said Frank Stoecker, CEO and co-founder of emnify. "By overcoming the limitations of how eUICC technology is applied, we make sure that emnify’s customers benefit by individualizing SIMs to their needs, and benefit from the most advanced and reliable cellular connectivity solution available." As a central pillar of emnify’s global IoT SuperNetwork, the eSIM platform gives enterprises unrivaled control over their connectivity and seamless integration with their IoT application stack. The launch of the new emnify IoT eSIM platform represents a significant milestone in the IoT industry’s evolution. It stands out as the first IoT connectivity service allowing customers to tailor an essential element like the SIM in real-time and at scale. This aligns seamlessly with emnify’s mission to become a leader in the cloud-transformation of cellular IoT connectivity. About emnify emnify is the leading cloud building block for cellular communications in the IoT stack, connecting millions of IoT devices globally – from electric vehicles to energy meters, alarm systems to GPS trackers, thermometers to health wearables. The emnify API and new eSIM technology connect and secure any kind of IoT deployment to its application back-end. emnify’s cloud-native integrations and no-code workflows ensure seamless lifecycle scalability for deployments of all sizes – from local start-up to global enterprise. The award-winning emnify IoT SuperNetwork® is the largest globally distributed mobile cloud core network of its kind, supporting local network access (2G – 5G, LTE-M, NB-IoT) in over 180 countries from more than 25 cloud regions – and counting. emnify’s solution is built on partnerships with the leading hyperscaler cloud service providers, system integrators and hundreds of radio network operators worldwide. Founded in 2014, emnify was the first to transform cellular IoT connectivity into an easy-to-consume cloud resource – trusted today by thousands of the world’s most innovative companies.

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Lexmark, HARMAN DTS Collaborate to Develop Industrial IoT Applications

Lexmark | September 08, 2023

Lexmark partners with HARMAN DTS to develop industrial IoT solutions The contributions will include Optra Iot Technology by Lexmark and integration knowledge across industry protocols and platforms by HARMAN DTS The companies together will offer AI-driven solutions to address issues faced by the industries Lexmark, a global player in imaging and IoT solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions. The partnership with Lexmark enhances their ability to achieve this goal by leveraging Lexmark's IoT technology and expertise. It aims to harness the power of IoT and AI to address challenges faced by enterprises and public institutions across various industries. This partnership between Lexmark and HARMAN will have a global reach, benefiting organizations worldwide. Asolution implemented at Lexmark, resulted in a 40% increase in inspection speed, a 99% decrease in errors, and a return on investment in three months. One of the initial offerings throughthis partnership will be an AI-powered solution designed to detect errors in products on a production line. This solution is intended to supplant time-consuming manual inspections. Global CTO & CIO, SVP Connected Technology, Vishal Gupta at Lexmark remarked, Our expertise with IoT for connected products and our visual AI capabilities for connected operations will provide HARMAN with rapid solution capabilities, while its significant customer network will allow us to expand our footprint and further grow Lexmark's IoT business. [Source: Cision PR Newswire] Commercial General Manager at HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions, Sanjay Bhartiya emphasized on its two major focus areas, healthcare and industrial. He expressed confidence that the company has a competitive edge in the industry and will lead to the successful delivery of IoT solutions to the customers. Lexmark will contribute its cutting-edge Optra Internet of Thingstechnology, while HARMAN will contribute its domain expertise capabilities. Together, they will supportclients in the development of innovative IIoT applications, such as Industry 4.0 solutions, remote monitoring of manufacturing facilities, connected products andmedical devices. This partnership is contributed by Lexmark, developing imaging and IoT technologies with cloud integration to help customers achieve their business objectives. Established technologies and extensive industry knowledge help Lexmark convert information into valuable insights, data into informed decisions, and apply analytics to drive actions. The company's Optra Edge, a user-friendly platform combining edge computing hardware, a cloud-based management portal, and pre-built AI/ML applications, plays a pivotal role in this collaboration. It transforms real-time data into actionable insights and local computation without relying on the cloud. With HARMAN DTS’scommitment to integrating the physical and digital domains it enhances the adaptability of technology to meet the changing needs. Itassistsclients in delivering an all-encompassing customer experience through convergingdigital solutions, cross-channel user interactions, and IoTintegration. Thecompany deploys solutions across multiple industries, resulting in cost efficiencies and innovative outcomes that support itsclients' digital transformation journeys.

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Telit Cinterion Partners with VVDN Technologies for Advanced Product Manufacturing and Expansion of Business into India

prnewswire | July 25, 2023

Telit Cinterion, a global enabler of the intelligent edge, today announced a strategic relationship with VVDN Technologies, a premier electronics engineering, manufacturing and digital services company, for the mass production of modules, data cards and custom products as part of Telit Cinterion's ongoing execution of its western IoT leadership strategy. Under the terms of the agreement, Telit Cinterion begins production of its modules and data cards in VVDN Technologies' state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The relationship will also create a business model through which Telit Cinterion's IoT Solutions business unit customers will have access to VVDN Technologies' advanced manufacturing and design capabilities for their custom products. For more information on Telit Cinterion, please visit With increasing scrutiny on the origin of technology products, Telit Cinterion recognizes that India is an emerging global leader in high-quality electronics manufacturing, showing a strong commitment to environmental concerns. Telit Cinterion's decision to manufacture in India will lead to the expansion of business reach and models into India and as the country's technology industry grows, Telit Cinterion will be able to address the same using "Design and Make In India" solution. "We are delighted to be chosen by Telit Cinterion for manufacturing their modules, data cards and custom products," said Puneet Agarwal, Founder and CEO at VVDN Technologies. "VVDN's expertise in technology productization, mass production and commitment to sustainability are in alignment with Telit Cinterion's vision. Together, we will provide customers with the highest-quality IoT modules and data cards on the market." "This agreement with VVDN is a game changer as it not only ensures we evolve our time-to-customer but also enables us to lead digital transformation enablement in India," said Paolo Dal Pino, Chief Executive Officer at Telit Cinterion. "By starting our manufacturing and operations activities in India along with our R&D center in Bangalore, we are meeting the mission critical needs of our customers and ensuring on our supply chain resilience and sustainability." Starting in August, VVDN begins mass production and customer shipments. VVDN operates state-of-the-art facilities in Manesar, Haryana, and Pollachi, Tamil Nadu and is known for their advanced manufacturing capabilities and stringent quality standards. About Telit Cinterion Telit Cinterion is a global enabler of the intelligent edge providing complete solutions that reduce time to market and costs, delivering custom designed, ready for market connected devices in addition to maintaining the industry's broadest portfolio of enterprise-grade wireless communication and positioning modules, cellular MVNO connectivity plans and management services, edge-cloud software and data orchestration, and IoT and Industrial IoT platforms. As the largest western provider pioneering IoT innovation, Telit Cinterion delivers award-winning and highly secure IoT solutions, modules and services for the industry's top brands

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