Blackline Safety Acquires IoT Expert Swift Labs to Expand Connected Worker Portfolio

Blackline | April 05, 2022

Blackline Safety Corp. (TSX: BLN) ("Blackline" or "Blackline Safety"), a global leader in connected safety technology, today announced it has acquired Ontario-based Swift Labs Inc. (“Swift Labs”), an Internet of Things (IoT) design and engineering consulting firm, for $5 million in a combination of cash and shares.

Founded in 2014 by technology experts from Blackberry, Nortel and Apple, Swift Labs leverages its deep technical talent across all aspects of wireless product design and development to help companies connect their products to the cloud. Swift Labs has provided end-to-end service from product design, testing and delivery to customers in global markets. In 2021, Swift Labs generated $4M in revenue serving leading global enterprises.

The acquisition of Swift Labs advances Blackline’s strategy to connect workers through technology by enhancing our industry-leading product development expertise. The acquisition will enable Blackline to accelerate its pace of innovation by expanding its product development capacity.

"I am excited to welcome Swift Labs and its people to the Blackline Safety team. Over the last three years of working with Swift Labs, they have proven to be the right partner to help us accelerate our connection of the industrial workplace,” said Cody Slater, CEO and Chair of Blackline Safety. “Swift Labs will accelerate the advancement of our product roadmap, while also providing additional capacity to seek further opportunities to connect un-connected hardware throughout the industrial workplace.”

“The acquisition of Swift Labs positions us to better serve our global customers and help them redefine the future of industrial work through technology,” added Slater.

Blackline’s suite of products and data analytics connects workers through location-enabled wearable devices and cloud-connected monitoring to help its customers drive towards zero safety incidents, improved performance, greater productivity and a stronger ESG profile.

I’m thrilled to have found such a strong synergy with Blackline Safety with overlapping values, cultures, growth strategies and commitment to ESG policies Joining forces with a global market-leading company like Blackline will maximize the reach of our products and services, while ensuring that the nation’s top tech talent remains in Canada—one of the reasons I founded this business.”

Lara Swift, founder and CEO of Swift Labs.

Slater added, “The acquisition of Swift labs will not only bring us a highly experienced, talented team of IoT professionals, but also a range of monitoring products that will strengthen Blackline’s overall portfolio after integration.”

About Blackline Safety
Blackline Safety is a technology leader driving innovation in the industrial workforce through IoT. With connected safety devices and predictive analytics, Blackline enables companies to drive towards zero safety incidents and improved operational performance. Blackline provides wearable devices, personal and area gas monitoring, cloud-connected software and data analytics to meet demanding safety challenges and enhance overall productivity for organizations with coverage in more than 100 countries. Armed with cellular and satellite connectivity, Blackline provides a lifeline to tens of thousands of people, having reported over 177 billion data-points and initiated over five million emergency responses.


The Internet of things (IoT) is a key lever of digital transformation that manufacturers can use to optimize their businesses from three perspectives. They can use IoT data to refine production processes, enhance supply chains, and improve products, including launching new as-a-service (aaS) business-based digital models that pr


The Internet of things (IoT) is a key lever of digital transformation that manufacturers can use to optimize their businesses from three perspectives. They can use IoT data to refine production processes, enhance supply chains, and improve products, including launching new as-a-service (aaS) business-based digital models that pr

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Identiv Signs Exclusive Strategic Agreement with Trace-ID

Identiv | February 16, 2023

On February 15, 2023, Identiv, Inc., a global innovator in digital identification and security in the Internet of Things (IoT), entered an exclusive strategic agreement with Trace-ID, a leading provider of UHF RFID technology and solutions based in Spain. As a result, it will become the exclusive provider of Trace-ID's entire line of specialty and industrial UHF RFID in North America. The partnership with Trace-ID expands Identiv's manufacturing footprint, allowing the company to add to its already-extensive product line and bolstering its position as a worldwide leader in specialty RFID technology. In addition, it will enable Identiv to deliver industrial UHF RFID solutions for many use cases in numerous industry sectors. This agreement will make best-in-class specialty and industrial UHF RFID available at competitive prices. It also gives Identiv access to a European manufacturing facility with a direct line of sight to 1 Bn units of specialty UHF capacity. Identiv's integrated ecosystems put IoT in motion by assigning digital identities to every physical object. Its innovative RFID team is responsible for research, design, software development, and manufacturing. As a result, tags, inlays, and labels are embedded in billions of commonplace items, including pharmaceuticals, luxury brands, medical devices, specialty retail, athletic apparel, industrial applications, and many more. Amir Khoshniyati, VP and GM of IoT Business at Identiv, said, "Identiv continues to gain global demand for higher-value designs of UHF solutions for specific applications, including industrial and specialty applications." He added, "This exclusive manufacturing and partnership agreement allows us to expand our growing product portfolio even further, reaching new markets at a very competitive price point." (Source – Business Wire) About Identiv Identiv is a global leader in authentication and security solutions headquartered in Fremont, California. It authenticates frictionless access and operations anywhere, safeguards identities from hacking attempts, protects intellectual property, and boosts IoT innovations. RFID and NFC, cybersecurity and the entire range of physical access, video, and audio security are provided by the platform. It is relied upon by a prestigious group of partners and progressive clients in various vertical markets worldwide. From critical infrastructure to government agencies, hospitals to schools, airports to seaports, startups to corporations, it safeguards the people and locations that fuel daily lives.

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Quext IoT Expands IP Protection with Five New Patents

Quext | February 17, 2023

On February 16, 2023, Quext, one of the most innovative providers of smart technology solutions for the multifamily industry, announced recently that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded five new patents protecting its IoT solution. The new patents bolster the company's patent portfolio and recognize the innovation and originality of Quext IoT's smart home solution. Quext holds three patents pertaining to its Quext IoT solution. Quext and iApartments are currently involved in patent infringement litigation, with Quext alleging that the Tampa, Florida-based company infringes on the original patents. iApartments contests the validity of Quext's patents on the basis of alleged 'prior art.' Quext also filed an action with the International Trade Commission (ITC) against iApartments to prevent the importation of its white-labeled smart hubs. The USPTO considered all of iApartments' alleged prior art when granting Quext five new patents and determined that Quext's inventive concepts are novel. Consequently, the new patents strengthen the company's patent portfolio and reaffirm the innovative nature of Quext IoT's solution. Quext utilized one of the new patents recently in a new lawsuit filed in Florida's Middle District against iApartments. As operators themselves, the company designed its solution with operational efficiencies in mind, addressing pain points by remote lock credentialing, extending lock battery life, and reducing onsite hardware to lower maintenance calls, cost, and disruption. Quext IoT's patented solution has proven to be a thoughtful approach to smart apartment technology in multiple ways. Due to its distinctive network architecture, it is an optimal solution for both new construction and existing property retrofits of all classes. About Quext Quext is a smart technology and services enterprise that pioneers exciting innovations that make intelligent decision-making remarkably easy. It reimagined apartment technology with products that work together seamlessly to deliver the most intuitive, user-friendly, all-in-one, cloud-based apartment community hub ever made available. Internet of Things, broadband internet, digital human customer support, and fintech innovations are its fundamental platform innovations. The company, headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, was named the Fierce Wireless IoT Challenge winner in 2020.

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Wiliot's Innovation Kit Enables Intelligence Scalability with IoT Pixel Tagging

Williot | January 11, 2023

Wiliot, an Internet of Things (IoT) pioneer, has announced the launch of its Innovation Kit, which provides companies of any size and budget with an easy way to discover and experience ambient IoT technology. This kit is made to make it easier for businesses to use IoT solutions to gain a competitive edge. Wiliot's mission is to make every single thing an agent of change by adding intelligence and connectivity to reusable packaging, apparel, pharmaceuticals, food, and nearly any other product. The kit includes Wiliot IoT Pixels, which are small computers that can sense temperature and location and are powered by harvesting radio waves. The kit also includes edge devices that energize and relay IoT Pixel data, access to Wiliot Cloud Services, and digital solution guides for experiencing how ambient IoT can solve business challenges. The kit aims to help companies solve challenges in supply chains, retail, healthcare, and more. By using the Wiliot IoT Pixels and edge devices, companies can collect and analyze data from their environment to make informed decisions about their operations. Thadious Fisher, VP of Global Channels at Wiliot, commented, "We're illuminating what was once in the dark by providing companies with actionable insights and the status of every product at every moment, and the implications are profound. With real-time sensing and product lifecycle traceability, food is fresher and safer, medicine is more secure, and goods and assets are easily located." (Source: PRNewswire) Wiliot is a SaaS company that connects the digital and physical worlds using IoT pixel tagging technology to enable ambient IoT and deliver on its vision of a world with no waste, full trust, and perfectly timed events. About Williot Wiliot is a software-as-a-service company that specializes in connecting the digital and physical worlds through IoT Pixel tagging technology. They use tiny computer devices the size of a postage stamp, that are able to power themselves in unique ways. Their mission is to turn everything into a change agent and enable Ambient IoT by incorporating intelligence and automation into reusable packaging, pharmaceuticals, food, and other products. By connecting trillions of things to the internet, Wiliot aims to transform manufacturing, distribution, and product use, with the ultimate goal of creating a world with zero waste, full trust, and perfect timing, where people, profits and the environment are in sync.

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