Esri Releases ArcGIS Analytics for IoT

IoT Business News | March 10, 2020

New ArcGIS Online Capability Lets Users Explore Big Data from Many Sources to Gain Insights and Take Action. Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, announced the release of ArcGIS Analytics for IoT at the Esri Federal GIS (FedGIS) Conference in Washington, DC in February. Part of ArcGIS Online, Analytics for IoT allows users to ingest, visualize, analyze, store, and act on massive velocities and volumes of Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data. This new Esri capability will help organizations take advantage of the insights made possible by the IoT with up-to-the-second data and improved situational awareness. Analytics for IoT will help users leverage big data more easily, with a broad range of applications including personnel management, asset tracking, and weather hazard monitoring. Many users have been accessing IoT data using alternative solutions but without a ready way to apply geospatial capabilities to the process. ArcGIS Analytics for IoT will complement existing systems with GIS, spatially enabling IoT data from their current providers and simplifying real-time data analysis for users from a wide spectrum of industries, including public safety, transportation, and natural resources.



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Inmarsat Announces FreeWave as Partner for Global IoT

Businesswire | May 19, 2023

Inmarsat, a world leader in global, mobile satellite communications, has announced FreeWave Technologies - a leading Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider - as a Distribution Partner for its L-band satellite IoT services. The partnership, signed at this week’s IoT Tech Expo in Santa Clara, California, will focus on the integration of Inmarsat’s IsatData Pro (IDP) service in FreeWave’s end-to-end IoT solutions, initially with standalone hardware terminals, with a view to integrating IDP core modules into IoT hardware and assets in the future. IDP is a two-way, real-time, non-IP messaging service that is used globally to connect mission-critical assets in remote locations where regular terrestrial connectivity is limited or non-existent. IDP is enabled by Inmarsat’s ELERA geostationary L-band satellite network, with ultra-reliable performance and robust network security. The agreement will provide FreeWave’s customers with reliable, cost-effective and scalable connectivity solutions to meet their mission critical IoT demands across global industries, including agriculture, oil and gas, and utilities. The new relationship will also support the IoT uses of businesses operating in the environmental tracking space – including earthquake and flooding monitoring firms. Jat Brainch, Chief Commercial and Digital Officer, Inmarsat, said “We’re excited to be welcoming FreeWave as an Inmarsat Distribution Partner. FreeWave is an established name in the IoT market and we are looking forward to collaborating with them to build customer-centric solutions as we both look to grow our IoT footprint. “We are particularly focused on the positive sustainable outcomes we believe this partnership can provide FreeWave’s customers. After all, you cannot manage what you cannot measure, and we believe solutions that enable better automation and digitalisation of the data capture process to collect granular, real-time results are increasingly essential to achieving our collective Net Zero goals in the future.” Jeff Horton, Chief Revenue Officer at FreeWave, said: “We are delighted to become an Inmarsat Distribution Partner. Inmarsat’s bi-directional IsatData Pro service is unique in the marketplace and perfectly suited the needs of our customers. We look forward to working closely with the Inmarsat team over the coming months to grow our market share in the satellite IoT space.” “Sustainability is on the minds of all our clients. Now, being able to offer satellite connectivity that is suited for a myriad of applications will keep their remote devices providing the critical data they need to make better informed business decisions. We are now able to give them trusted connectivity from Inmarsat that complements our comprehensive offer from data collection to a data platform serving data driven insights for enhanced decision making. We are truly excited for what’s still to come from this partnership.” ABOUT INMARSAT Inmarsat delivers world leading, innovative, advanced and exceptionally reliable global, mobile communications across the world – in the air, at sea and on land - that are enabling a new generation of commercial, government and mission-critical services. Inmarsat is powering the digitalisation of the maritime industry, making operations more efficient and safer than ever before. It is driving a new era of inflight passenger services for aviation, while ensuring that aircraft can fly with maximum efficiency and safety. Furthermore, Inmarsat is enabling the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and enabling the next wave of world-changing technologies that will underpin the connected society and help build a sustainable future. And now Inmarsat is developing the first-of-its-kind, multi-dimensional communications network of the future, ORCHESTRA

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Elliptic Labs Signs New Expansion Contract with Existing Smartphone Customer

businesswire | May 05, 2023

Elliptic Labs, a global AI software company and the world leader in AI Virtual Smart Sensors™ currently deployed in over 500 million devices today, has signed an expansion software agreement with an existing smartphone customer. The new license agreement will cover Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Proximity Sensor™ INNER BEAUTY® being used on several of the customer’s future smartphone releases. “Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform™ continues to be the go-to solution for the smartphone industry to deliver 100% software-only critical user experiences like proximity detection,” said Elliptic Labs’ CEO Laila Danielsen. “Large smartphone makers choose our AI Virtual Smart Sensors because their power, value, and scalability prove that Elliptic Labs remains the best choice to make their devices greener, smarter, and more human friendly.” AI Virtual Proximity Sensor INNER BEAUTY Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Proximity Sensor INNER BEAUTY turns off a smartphone’s display and disables the screen’s touch functionality when a user holds the device up to their ear during a phone call. If that capability to detect proximity were missing, a user’s ear or cheek could accidentally trigger unwanted actions during a call, such as hanging up or dialing numbers. Turning off the screen automatically helps conserve battery life as well. Proximity detection is a core capability that is used in all smartphones across today’s market. Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Proximity Sensor INNER BEAUTY delivers robust proximity detection without the need for a dedicated hardware sensor. By replacing hardware sensors with our software, the AI Virtual Proximity Sensor reduces device cost and eliminates sourcing risk. About Elliptic Labs Elliptic Labs is a global enterprise targeting the smartphone, laptop, IoT, and automotive markets. Founded in 2006 as a research spin-off from Norway’s Oslo University, the company’s patented software uses AI, ultrasound and sensor fusion to deliver intuitive 3D gesture, proximity-, presence-, breathing- and heartbeat-detection experiences. Its scalable AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform creates software-only sensors that are sustainable, human-friendly and already deployed in hundreds of millions of devices around the world. Elliptic Labs is the only software company that has delivered detection capabilities using AI software, ultrasound, and sensor fusion deployed at scale. The company joined the Oslo Børs main listing in March 2022.

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Actelis Networks' Hybrid Fiber-Copper Solutions Extend Gigabit Speed Connectivity for IoT in 18M Multiple Dwelling Units

globenewswire | May 02, 2023

Actelis Networks, Inc. a market leader in cyber-hardened, rapid deployment networking solutions for wide area IoT applications, today announced the introduction of next generation hybrid fiber-copper solutions designed to enable rapid deployment of cyber-safe, gigabit connectivity to locations where fiber installation is difficult and costly. The newly introduced solutions support a variety of IoT applications for rail, military and campus networks, 5G/mobile base stations as well as residential and commercial broadband, including Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs) such as apartments and condos. The introduction follows successful tests with rail and military customers that exceeded expectations. With the launch of the GigaLine 800 (GL800) and GigaLine 900 (GL900) product families, Actelis solves two of the biggest connectivity issues involving services to locations that are hard to reach with fiber. The first challenge is getting gigabit connectivity to buildings in a timely and cost-effective manner. The second challenge is distributing gigabit services throughout buildings without disturbing tenants with unnecessary rewiring. Actelis’ GL800 and GL900 combined solution boosts the performance of existing wiring to solve both challenges in a matter of hours. The GL800 product family bridges the gap between the farthest fiber point and the out of fiber reach buildings, instantly extending gigabit speeds over miles with cyber-safe encrypted, fiber-grade transmission, solving the first main challenge. The GL900 product family then delivers instant gigabit speeds throughout industrial facilities, military barracks, apartments, offices, hotels, and hospitals, over wiring of copper or coax that already exist. A seamless extension of PON optical connection arriving at the building, GL900 is a cost effective, green solution, consuming very little power, with hassle-free installation. “Our new line of gigabit hybrid fiber-copper products is very unique in that it utilizes existing wiring but is able to transmit multi-gig, fiber-grade connectivity over long distances, which provides tremendous cost and time savings for network operators,” said Tuvia Barlev, Chairman and CEO of Actelis. “The flexibility of the solution allows for an almost unlimited number of applications, from rail networks to enabling high-speed internet for unserved and underserved communities.” About Actelis Networks, Inc. Actelis Networks, a market leader in cyber-hardened, rapid-deployment networking solutions for wide-area IoT applications including federal, state and local government, ITS, military, utility, rail, telecom and campus applications. Actelis’ unique portfolio of hybrid fiber-copper, environmentally hardened aggregation switches, high density Ethernet devices, advanced management software and cyber-protection capabilities, unlocks the hidden value of essential networks, delivering safer connectivity for rapid, cost-effective deployment.

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