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EUCAST Global & Clovity Form a Strategic Partnership to Deliver the First Ever 'IoT Private Network in a Box'

Clovity | July 12, 2022 | Read time : 03:25 min

San Francisco Bay Area based Clovity has partnered with Colorado based company EUCAST Global in a strategic move that will align the private network capabilities of EUCAST and their steadfast, reliable and low latency 5G/CBRS radio base stations with Clovity's highly capable IoT software platform. The end result is an 'IoT network in a box'. A fully deployable private network capability coupled with the software that can bring forward smart devices and aggregated data that is truly at the edge of a network.

"This new strategic partnership will re-shape how we go to market with many of our industrial and smart city clients as a start. We are already seeing the synergies in providing a turn-key solution that meets the needs of clients wanting to manage their smart devices remotely by placing them onto a network that is both secure and highly scalable. Our IoT software, called CSensorNet, reads data from these devices and can display analytics right from the network using our artificial intelligence and edge component of our IoT application."

Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Medina

Medina further commented that, "Clients are focused on security of their network and the devices that provide critical information. This is not just on the infrastructure but also data that can be used to make real time decisions and even facilitate machine learning. More and more companies are moving to Private Networks and deploying them to capture the CBRS spectrum as a cost savings compared to big telco infrastructure and costly cellular usage fees."

The global private 5G network market size was valued at USD 1.38 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 47.5% from 2022 to 2030 and the IoT market is expected to grow by USD 421.28 billion at a CAGR of 32.95% as per the latest market report by Technavio and Grandview researchers. The EUCAST and Clovity partnership seeks to capitalize on this and begin to revolutionize an already disruptive industry.

More About Clovity

Clovity is a San Francisco based IoT-as-a-Service platform provider powered by CSensorNet and Digital Transformation professional and managed services provider in IoT Digital, Cloud and Data who has earned the trust of top Fortune 500 Companies.

Our proprietary platform CSensorNet connects companies to their assets and the world of ‘things’ around them. We have engineered our solution to provide edge computing, artificial intelligence, cloud agnostic and network, coupled with powerful data analytics and data visualization. Our deployments provide IoT capabilities in days, not months, Clovity simplifies the deployment, management & operations of IoT solutions. We operate in several models of IoT deployment, most relevant is IoT-as-a-Service. By providing all hardware, software, and professional support all for a single monthly price. Our ‘service’ includes data analytics, 24x7 tech support, hardware replenishment or replacement, on-line customer portal and a team of engineers to ensure the solutions are future proof.

Whether on the forefront of working with our clients on 5G products for the next generation of Smart Cities or Smart Infrastructure, Smart Sustainable Buildings, Connected Healthcare, and Connected Spaces or developing new solutions for global Asset Tracking and Asset Management, our services can scale to meet any demand and in any vertical.

We are a supplier to the Federal Government, numerous Public sector organizations and Fortune to high growth technology companies. We are minority owned business enterprise and Diversified & Inclusive certified. Clovity was selected in the top quarter of all companies award on the 2021 Inc. 5000 list, 2020 “Emerging Company of the Year for the Enterprise Market” and again in 2021 as "Global IoT Innovation Vendor of the Year” by IoT Vendor Breakthrough Awards and in the “Top 50 IoT Enterprise growth companies” for 2018 & 2019 by CIO Review Magazine.


According to Counterpoint Research, the 5G+Wi-Fi 7 market will see cumulative shipments of over 7 billion devices through 2027 and grow at more than 100% annually between now and 2027 driven by leading applications including smartphones, gateways and routers, and the automotive sector.


According to Counterpoint Research, the 5G+Wi-Fi 7 market will see cumulative shipments of over 7 billion devices through 2027 and grow at more than 100% annually between now and 2027 driven by leading applications including smartphones, gateways and routers, and the automotive sector.

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businesswire | August 23, 2023

Rambus Inc., a premier chip and silicon IP provider making data faster and safer, today announced a full suite of Security IP solutions for the FPGA market with state-of-the-art cryptographic, side-channel, and Quantum Safe protections. Designed to meet the unique needs of FPGAs, the offering secures the broad range of devices from high-performance accelerators for generative AI, to low-power solutions for IoT devices. Rambus security IP protects FPGAs serving applications in the Data Center, AI/ML, Edge, IoT, Defense, and beyond. “As customer demand for security continues to accelerate, Rambus is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art security IP for the broad range of applications increasingly enabled by FPGAs,” said Neeraj Paliwal, general manager of Silicon IP at Rambus. “Our security IP solutions safeguard these FPGA devices now and in the future with Quantum Safe protection from PQC attacks.” “In the increasingly distributed and accelerator-based computing architectures enabled by Intel FPGAs, it is mission critical to secure data and devices against today’s threats and those that arise with the advent of quantum computing,” said Premal Buch, vice president and general manager of Programmable Solutions at Intel. “We’re pleased to see Rambus offer security IP solutions tailored to FPGAs powering the growing landscape of accelerated computing.” As part of the industry-leading portfolio, Rambus offers advanced FPGA targeted security IP products including root of trust, 800G MACsec, IPsec, classic and quantum safe public key encryption solutions. Leveraging pioneering work in differential power analysis (DPA) and fault injection attack (FIA) countermeasures, Rambus security IP delivers the highest levels of protection available against both cryptographic and side-channel attacks. With new Quantum Safe security IP products, Rambus futureproofs the protection of FPGAs for the coming Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) era. About Rambus Inc. Rambus is a provider of industry-leading chips and silicon IP making data faster and safer. With over 30 years of advanced semiconductor experience, we are a pioneer in high-performance memory subsystems that solve the bottleneck between memory and processing for data-intensive systems. Whether in the cloud, at the edge or in your hand, real-time and immersive applications depend on data throughput and integrity. Rambus products and innovations deliver the increased bandwidth, capacity and security required to meet the world’s data needs and drive ever-greater end-user experiences.

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Comcast’s MachineQ Extends its Indoor Asset Tracking IoT Solution

businesswire | July 21, 2023

MachineQ, a Comcast Company, today announced newly extended capabilities of MachineQ for Indoor Asset Tracking, a real-time location system (RTLS) solution the company launched last year with new asset tracking tags and a space utilization solution. The company is unveiling a suite of active asset tags, including the Nano RT, Nano LP, the Dura ET, Dura PT, and Dura AC. These low-energy tags bring diverse form factors, environmental ratings, and capabilities to meet customers’ unique asset tracking needs—from low-profile tags for tracking small, hand-held assets to ultra-durable tags designed to withstand harsh environments. The Nano RT and Nano LP tags, in particular, offer enterprises distinct features and capabilities typically unavailable in a tiny form factor. For example, the Nano RT, one of MachineQ’s smallest tag form factors, has an up to 8+ year battery life and includes a remotely triggered LED for last-meter item finding in high-density environments. The Nano LP offers an up to 2+ year battery life and ultra-slim form factor, making it ideal for tracking hand-held assets, like tools or pipettes, without interfering with the ergonomics of the equipment. “These tags were purpose-built to offer customers flexible options for tracking and monitoring equipment and assets critical to their day-to-day operations,” said Gaurav Naik, Head of Engineering at MachineQ. “We leaned into the operational expertise of our team to evaluate how to fit in as many features and capabilities without compromising base requirements such as extended battery life. As a result, in life sciences, for example, these new tags can enable companies to track assets through solvent-based wash cycles in a wide temperature operating range – from -40ºC to +80ºC.” In addition to debuting the new asset tag form factors, MachineQ is augmenting its current suite of indoor asset tracking and facilities wellness solutions by adding space utilization. This new solution leverages privacy-centric sensors to count the number of people occupying a room, helping facility managers understand space utilization and traffic patterns. With real-time and historical occupancy data – visualized through the MQinsights application – organizations can make data-driven decisions regarding space allocation and layout, resource distribution, and operational efficiency. In life sciences, for example, lab management and facilities teams can identify if lab space and equipment are being over or underutilized and optimize the distribution of lab equipment, helping provide scientists with the tools and space they need to perform science and drive revenue. Additionally, the data derived from the space utilization capability provides procurement and finance teams with information to help them optimize budgets and right-size inventory – from consumables to equipment – bolstering the data’s value across the broader enterprise. "We're thrilled to diversify our product and solution set to meet the evolving needs of our customers," said Steven Corbesero, Jr., Director of Product and Solutions at MachineQ. He adds, "We’re helping to provide organizations with peace of mind knowing they can use our tools to support monitoring their operations in real-time for immediate, corrective, and predictive actions. Plus, we’re doing so with the total cost of ownership in mind and continuously looking to roll out new solutions on top of the same IoT network connectivity platform our customers already use for their asset tracking needs." With these bolt-on products and solutions, enterprise customers can help maximize the value of capital investments by increasing data visibility, reducing issues relating to leak detection and temperature and humidity monitoring – improving the quality and safety of operations, and attaining a holistic view of asset health remotely and in real-time. About MachineQ MachineQ, a Comcast Company, makes it simple for enterprises to build, connect and deploy IoT solutions at scale. Our fully integrated IoT network connectivity platform delivers enhanced security and reduced total cost of ownership, while giving customers a single provider for technology, development, service, and support. Our end-to-end IoT solutions and partnerships with leading solution providers address a wide range of business challenges in key markets such as real estate, food service, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, government, and agriculture.

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BMW Partners AWS and Qualcomm to Drive Innovation in New-Gen Autos

BMW | September 07, 2023

BMW partners with AWS and Qualcomm to foster driving experiences Snapdragon Ride to be used to integrate AI-augmented video function The collaboration leverages AWS’s cloud-based compute and storage along with IoT sensing tools, generative AI and machine learning BMW has joined Amazon Web Services for a cloud partnership to propel IoT and AI capabilities into upcoming vehicle models set for a 2025 launch, augmented onboard ASAS software and sensors for driver warnings. Concurrently, BMW collaborated with Qualcomm Technologies to develop automated driving systems built on Qualcomm's Snapdragon Ride computer vision platform. BMW's collaboration with AWS and Qualcomm aims to streamline production and enhance vehicle functions. BMW stated that centralized cloud computing enables scalability to handle increasing data volumes generated by advanced automated functions like adaptive cruise control and automated lane changing. BMW's partnership with AWS and Qualcomm is geared towards optimizing production processes and elevating the capabilities of their vehicles. According to BMW, the utilization of centralized cloud computing allows for greater scalability, effectively managing the surging volumes of data generated by sophisticated automated features such as adaptive cruise control and automated lane changing. This enhances the efficiency of manufacturing operations and empowers vehicles to deliver more robust and responsive automated driving experiences.The integration of cloud computing addresses the challenges posed by increasing data demands, laying the foundation for future innovations in connected and autonomous vehicles. This collaboration leverages an existing ‘cloud data hub’ on AWS infrastructure, tapping into cloud-based computing, IoT sensing, storage, and AI tools, which include generative AI and machine learning. BMW reported that these technologies will enhance BMW's Neue Klasse line, enabling lifecycle management of the new driver assistance (ADAS) platform, automated braking, and steering functions. These Neue Klasse vehicles from 2025 will allow BMW engineers to respond swiftly to customer demands and introduce new features to enhance the automated driving experience. The Snapdragon Ride platform will integrate 360-degree AI-augmented video functionality for automated driving features. Nicolai Martin, Senior Vice President for driving experience at BMW, mentioned, In the next decade, consumer habits and expectations will drive more changes in the automotive industry than we’ve seen over the past 30 years. [Source: RCRWirelessNews] BMW's new driving platform will serve as a reference architecture for future BMW models, enabling the processing, cataloging, and storage of vast amounts of real-time driving data in AWS's Amazon S3 cloud storage engines. This data will support engineering teams in developing and training models using AWS's machine learning service, ‘SageMaker.’ General Manager of automotive and manufacturing, Wendy Bauer at AWS, stated, Automated driving is about more than just convenience; it’s also aimed at providing driver assistance technology that helps prevent injuries and saves lives. [Source: RCRWirelessNews] Wendy Bauer explained that implementing these systems on the BMW Group's international scale required an approach that could process and analyze vast amounts of data, as well as learn and innovate, so automakers could develop safer and more reliable automated ADAS systems. As the automotive industry undergoes a transformation towards a novel software-defined vehicle architecture that emphasizes high performance, energy efficiency, and scalability, Nakul Duggal, Senior Vice President for automotive and cloud computing at Qualcomm, said that its ongoing collaboration with BMW is dedicated to the development of advanced AI-driven driver assistance technologies, focusing on safety and security on a larger scale. He added that this partnership between AWS and BMW combines cutting-edge technology from their respective industries, aiming to provide a contemporary cloud-native software development ecosystem.

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