Friendly to Share How Telcos Can Grow Revenue with IoT at Network X

Friendly Technologies Ltd | October 17, 2022 | Read time : 02:03 min

Friendly Technologies Ltd
Friendly Technologies is set to take its revolutionary tech-driven solutions to more people and businesses as the company recently revealed plans to attend the forthcoming Broadband World Forum, which is now a part of Network X conference.

At the event, Friendly Technolgoies will be focusing on the future of connected services synchronizing the world of IoT with telecommunications, allowing all telcos to expand revenue sources and increase the stickiness of existing and new customers.

Friendly Technologies' Director of Business Development, Ofer Greenberg, is set to speak during the conference at the Broadband Forum's roundtable on overcoming the challenges of service orchestration. Telcos will gain new insight on growing revenue streams and claiming their piece of pie in the world of IoT, specifically exploring how service providers can now utilize existing infrastructure to offer new solutions to both current and new customers, enterprise and consumers alike. The market size of the global internet of things (IoT) was put at $384.70 billion in 2021, with a projection that it will hit $2,465.26 billion by 2029, according to a report by Fortune Business Insights, thereby making this topic even more relevant for growth than ever.

Friendly Technologies will be at The Broadband Forum Pavilion, #P-4 at the conference, which is scheduled to take place from October 18 to 20, 2022 in Amsterdam and features industry-leading speakers and brands. The event will cover the strategic opportunities for service providers across next-gen services, in-home connectivity, the connected smart home, and a host of others.

For further information about full device management and other innovative solutions from Friendly Technologies, schedule a meeting with a Friendly representative at Network X.

About Friendly Technologies
Friendly Technologies (est. 1997) is a leading provider of operator-class platforms for IoT and TR-069/TR-369 USP Device Management.

Friendly has been providing TR-069 device management solutions to operators and service providers since 2007. When IoT and Smart Home first appeared, Friendly leveraged its expertise and expanded its offering to the IoT and Smart Home markets. Today, Friendly offers a unified platform, enabling its customers to generate new revenue streams markets such as utilities, transportation, smart cities, and more. In line with this mission, Friendly Technology has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a global leader in unified device management.


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