IIoT to Play an Ever-Larger Role in Driving CNC Machining

IoT.Business.News | February 03, 2020

IIoT to Play an Ever-Larger Role in Driving CNC Machining
  • The impact of IoT can benefit various areas of manufacturing value chain ranging from quality, safety and efficiency to new product development and innovation.

  • The market for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment is set to continue its pattern of growth over the coming years to reach $93 billion in value by 2024.

  • Many machinists are now experiencing the benefits of the Internet of Things, in CNC manufacturing, including CNC machines.


    Industry 4.0’, ‘the Industrial Internet of Things’, and ‘Connectivity’ are widely used buzzwords throughout manufacturing. Now, they’ve been around for a few years. Nobody really knew what they meant- We’re now starting to focus more directly on what they mean in a CNC manufacturing environment, and it’s all about connectivity of your machines, talking to each other, It’s all about smart factories, It’s about intelligent processes and providing data to allow manufacturers to improve their productivity.


    The Internet of things has the potential to increase global productivity up to 25% by 2025 which could translate to an economic value of 11 trillion dollars. Consumers aren't the only ones targeted by the advancement of the IoT. Industries like manufacturing are embracing the potential of the internet of things. An even more recent breakthrough, known as the Industrial Internet of Things  or IIoT is already shaping the future of CNC machining.

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    What is the deal with IoT in the manufacturing sector?

    Visualize the data coming at you in real-time, so you know your exact production rates at any given second. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg concerning what IoT could do?

    CNC machining is essential in modern manufacturing and helps us create a variety of products in multiple industries, from agriculture and aerospace to firearms and circuit boards.

    Internet of Things (IoT) in general and Machine to Machine (M2M) communication, in particular, enables physical objects with the help of embedded information and communication technology, to communicate over a network without requiring human intervention. It is the convergence of wireless technologies, electromechanical systems and the Internet. Optimal design and implementation of the same has the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing sector in general and the shop floor in particular. The impact of IoT can benefit various areas of manufacturing value chain ranging from quality, safety, and efficiency to new product development and innovation.

    The Internet of Things is ground zero for a new phase of global transformation powered by technology innovation, generating significant economic opportunities and reshaping industries.

    Marc Benioff, Chairman and Chief Executive, Officer, Salesforce.com, USA

    What to Expect from the Promising Combination of CNC and IIoT

    As the name suggests, computers already do a lot of the (illustrative) heavy lifting when it comes to deploying this type of equipment in machine shops and larger-scale factories. But the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) looks set to shake things up even more. Here’s what to expect from the promising combination of CNC and IIoT.

    Better Product Quality Control

    IoT takes the quality game to the next level. With the IoT working in combination with CNC machining efforts, companies can outfit every part produced with a tiny sensor that connects it to a larger network. This makes it easier not only to track the products throughout any subsequent shipping and assembly efforts, but also to recognize and address production errors. If sensors detect a defect, the machining process can be halted if necessary until it’s sorted out.

    Improved Workplace Safety

    IoT-based monitoring can ensure that the environment, devices, and individuals on the shop floor are always in an optimally safe condition. With added parameters to the system, settings can be optimized further to account for threats in real-time and from external factors. Automated machines and collaborative robots  also known as cobots  utilize the IIoT to perform many of the same tasks as their human counterparts. They're also regularly assigned to the more dangerous and hazardous jobs in the factory.

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    Massive Cost Savings by Utilizing Automated Labor

    IoT stands to enable other robotic systems to work alongside CNC machining. Robot-driven production via the IIoT results in tremendous cost savings. By automating the more mundane and menial tasks on the factory floor, manufacturers can worry less about general laborers and focus on developing their top human talent.

    Industrial Internet of Things is everything that has been promised to be. It has the clear ability to impact the fundamental needs of the industry and has the potential to rejuvenate certain industry segments and economies. It can connect and evolve the silo views of assets to a system of assets and eventually to a system of systems, leading to the fundamental redefinition of businesses.

    Anant Gupta, President and Chief Executive, Officer, HCL Technologies

    Smarter Preventive Maintenance

    The reliability of machinery and hardware is central to smooth operations in manufacturing and product development. IoT is proving to be a game-changer in this regard. They are not just improving working conditions and overall efficiency but enabling better safety protocols and quick fixes to maintenance issues, and it’s certainly a factor where CNC machining is concerned as well. Combined with AI, IoT embedded assets will help organizations monitor, manage, and maintain the condition of their industrial machinery. With CNC machining mechanisms essentially left alone to produce orders, IoT-connected sensors can make sure that they’re doing so adequately, alert management to any issues, and even give advance notice of any general maintenance or upkeep needs. It helps you set up an environment of consistent and reliable servicing, which will result in higher output, steady production schedules, and more efficiency all around.


    The Internet of Things is rocking many aspects of the world’s economy.  And the manufacturing industry is ripe for IoT use. The IIoT will increase efficiencies of CNC machines helping to lower wastage and lower costs. It also decreases downtime with predictive maintenance. If efficiencies are increased and downtime reduced, that translates into more profitability for your business.



By bringing together the cutting-edge technologies of IoT[1] and blockchain, and our extensive experience in crop cultivation we are serving an agriculture (“Ag”) ecosystem focused on highly technologized crop growing, processing, and distribution. We bring the high efficiency of IoT and transparency of blockchain into every stage of the entire lifecycle of agricultural business sectors. The Pavo team has vast experience building traditional monitoring systems for almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts for the European market.


By bringing together the cutting-edge technologies of IoT[1] and blockchain, and our extensive experience in crop cultivation we are serving an agriculture (“Ag”) ecosystem focused on highly technologized crop growing, processing, and distribution. We bring the high efficiency of IoT and transparency of blockchain into every stage of the entire lifecycle of agricultural business sectors. The Pavo team has vast experience building traditional monitoring systems for almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts for the European market.

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The advanced analytics capabilities inherent in Buildings IOT's solutions allow us to easily view building health holistically and make modifications as needed, increasing our tenants' comfort and better serving their needs while also conserving energy and expanding the lifespan of our equipment assets." The onPoint Enterprise platform from Buildings IOT is a cloud application that addresses several use cases at once for commercial office buildings of all sizes. Within the eighteen-story 800 Fulton building, onPoint links 12 different building systems and integrates more than 8,000 data points from operational equipment and IoT sensors present in every part of the 500,000 square foot space. That data is then analyzed and presented through a single pane of glass to help operators identify issues and implement remediation actions where necessary to keep the building running as designed throughout its life. "800 Fulton is a visionary project, as the building incorporates several systems that we don't typically see integrated into a building management solution. It is still relatively rare for buildings to install and integrate indoor environmental and occupancy sensors beyond those that typically come in lighting systems. Our system affords Thor's tenants and their employees and customers a safer, healthier, and more comfortable in-building experience." Brian Turner, CEO of Buildings IOT With building sensors strategically installed throughout the building and API integrations via onPoint's data translation engine IOT Jetstream, owners and operators can monitor the health of their building and use that information to make strategic decisions backed by current and historical data from a variety of systems. Innovative smart building design features present at 800 Fulton include: smart restroom technology for touchless fixtures and up-to-the-minute reporting on the status of supplies; indoor environmental quality monitoring for common area and amenity spaces; occupancy sensing for high traffic areas; and state-of-the-art mechanical equipment calibrated to prioritize fresh air throughout the building. 800 Fulton is LEED Platinum Certified and WELL Certified, two designations that mark the development as one of the leaders in advancing the efficiency and health of the built environment. In addition to helping provide healthier indoor environments, smart building systems from Buildings IOT help reduce operating costs, increase the lifespan of building assets, and decrease energy waste and carbon emissions from buildings. About Buildings IOT Buildings IOT simplifies smart buildings with software, services, and solutions for every aspect of building management. Command-and-control from a single pane of glass, analytics enhanced by machine learning, and a building-domain-centric data management platform, Buildings IOT delivers smart buildings that live up to the hype. We also design and install building controls and automation systems, offer IT-managed services and device testing for cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and provide data-driven maintenance to some of the world's largest building portfolios. About Thor Equities Group Thor Equities is a leader in the development, leasing and management of office, industrial, laboratory, residential, hotel and mixed-use assets in premier urban locations worldwide. The company operates in major cities around the globe and has a property portfolio totaling $20 billion with a development pipeline in excess of 50 million square feet. 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IAR Systems and Secure Thingz announce secure development and volume production platform to accelerate Microsoft Azure IoT migration

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Industrial Flow Solutions™ Announces Deal to Acquire Clearwater Controls™ to Grow IoT Solutions for Wastewater Network Management

Leading industrial pumping solutions provider Industrial Flow Solutions™, headquartered in New Haven, Conn., USA, announced today the agreement to acquire Clearwater Controls Ltd.™, based in Glasgow, Scotland. Clearwater Controls offers a broad line of wastewater solutions, beginning with its leading deragging intelligent systems to solve specific pumping problems, to more advanced monitoring technology to optimize and manage entire water networks. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Clearwater Controls will retain its company name and brand.Clearwater Controls is known worldwide for the DERAGGER™+ line of intelligent deragging control systems. The company is bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to industry sectors with its newest innovation: cloud-based data analytics and management for improved monitoring of water networks. Clearwater Controls’ solutions allow engineers and operators to analyze and create baseline data on the performance of their pump networks in real time to optimize operations, identify problems, perform money-saving predictive maintenance, and avoid potentially harmful and costly environmental impacts. These smart interventions will transform the industry from its historic reactive approach to a predictive asset management model. Incorporating Clearwater Controls’ DERAGGER PRO pump station controller across its brands will bring intelligent efficiency to nearly all product lines of Industrial Flow Solutions, particularly the innovative OverWatch™ Direct In-Line Pumping System platform. Clearwater Controls’ complementary products and technology will provide greater value to customers seeking to reduce startup time, strengthen reliability and provide real-time cloud-based data. “As technology and smart data bring new changes to the water industry, this acquisition will establish Industrial Flow Solutions and Clearwater Controls as leaders in the new digital revolution. This new partnership supports our combined missions to transform any industry that relies on high usage of water and the need for treatment.“ John Wilson, President of Industrial Flow Solutions Wilson expects a dramatic increase in Clearwater Controls’ business as it develops a greater product range for the DERAGGER+ and expands its global customer base. “This acquisition is of mutual benefit to both companies, making each uniquely more competitive. We have common values of being customer focused, highly responsive, innovative, collaborative, supportive, and ambitious,” Wilson said. “We will provide Clearwater Controls with resources and expertise to strengthen its business overall. Reciprocally, Clearwater Controls’ unique and agnostic control solutions open a huge opportunity for Industrial Flow Solutions to access a worldwide market,” Wilson added. “Clearwater Controls is taking the lead in seizing the groundswell of interest and momentum around intelligent monitoring and management of wastewater networks. Our partnership with Industrial Flow Solutions provides us with a greater footprint to advance pumping technology worldwide.” Simon Crompton, Managing Director, Clearwater Controls About Industrial Flow Solutions Industrial Flow Solutions specializes in the design, manufacturing, sales and service of pumping and fluid management solutions for harsh, rugged environments. With OverWatch™ direct in-line pump systems, BJM Pumps® products and Stancor® Pumps and Controls, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of submersible and direct in-line pumps and controls ideal for industrial, commercial and municipal wastewater applications. Industrial Flow Solutions, headquartered in New Haven, Conn., is a portfolio company of May River Capital, a Chicago-based private-equity firm focused on lower middle-market industrial growth companies. About Clearwater Controls Ltd. Clearwater Controls launched in 2009 as the research and development division of ID Systems. The company has conceived, developed, and delivered a suite of intelligent pump monitoring and anti-ragging solutions, built around its unique and patented technology. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, with a rapidly expanding operation in the United States, Clearwater Controls delivers solutions to clients across the UK, Ireland, Continental Europe, and North America.

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